Program Manager (F/M)


Ensure AXA Group Operations contributions to the entities by managing IT programs, ensuring they meet all their objectives.


Within the One Security Program, the Program Manager manages a portfolio of projects, delivers and implements solutions/products for partners at local, regional and international level, with the aim to meet the needs of business / IT organization vision and strategy.
He / She is responsible for the coordination of projects and ensure appropriate steering at program level. 


Responsible for overseeing multiple projects mapped to a security lever and to ensure its timely execution 
Run program / portfolio review meeting so accurate progress is reported to the program director in timely manner
Manage interdependency between projects
Ensure program / portfolio is delivering efficiently based on sourcing strategy principles defined by program director and the GS PPM team
Analyse, evaluate and escalate any program risks to program director along with recommendation to support quick decision making
Ensure the projects are delivered with the expected quality levels as per methodology defined by the GS PPM team
Work closely with lever sponsor so projects are delivering expected outcome and reducing risk as expected
Ensure continuity of the projects within the program / portfolio including when required leading one or more project
Effectively communicate with program / portfolio stakeholders to ensure alignment on latest progress and upcoming milestones
Liaise with entity engagement officer so information is reached to appropriate entities on a regular basis relating to progress on lever or a strategic initiative
Take an active role and contribute to defining the 3years roadmap with stakeholders and strategic team supporting the lever sponsor


1. Functional  knowledges

Project management

2. Management or leadership activities 

Creates an environment for developing and fostering leadership excellence
Effectively communicates the group vision and goals and the benefits in achieving the strategy
Mentor others to acquire this competency

3. Impacts on teams, businesses or AXA GO 
Ensure that the objective of risk reduction has been achieved

4. Technical proficiency
Security background to be able to challenge the teams

5. Stakeholder management
Privileged point of contact of the pilar's sponsor
Takes calculated risks in decision-making and seeks inputs from the team / stakeholders for the same
Plans up to 2 years ahead in accordance with the project/program portfolio to ensure its successful delivery 
Provides input into planning and prioritization of project activities


Manage and organize Group Security project portfolio to deliver Group Security strategy and maximize the value generated for all AXA entities
Manage and conduct projects, from their launch to their transfer in BAU (progress, delivery, risk management, budget sign-off, etc.) while ensuring alignment with AXA Standards
Coordinate and support Group Security teams through the Sourcing Management process
Ensure the audit remediation cycle is fully under control and implemented for Group Security, in alignment with GO priorities


Nous vivons dans un environnement où l’instabilité sociale, le terrorisme, les technologies disruptives, les catastrophes naturelles, les cyber - risques et le détournement de l'information sont autant de réalités.
Par conséquent, lorsque nos clients choisissent un assureur, ils prennent en compte dans leur decision la confiance et la capacité de l’organisation à garantir leur sécurité.
La mission de la division Group Security consiste à assurer l'intégration de la sécurité au cœur de chacune de nos activités.
Nous créons progressivement unenvironnement propice en mettant en place une culture de la sécurité de nos informations, en favorisant la prise de décisions documentées sur la gestion des cyber - risques et à la protection de nos équipes.
La division Group Security #assure la #réputation de confiance accordée à AXA en tant qu'organisation #sure,
#sécurisée et #résiliente.

We live in an environment where social unrest, terrorism, disruptive technologies, unpredictable natural disasters, cyber risk and  misuse of information are a reality.
As a consequence, our customers’decisions to partner with an organization  are going to be based on whether they trust that organization to keep them safe and secure.
Our role as Group Security is to ensure security is embedded in everything we do.
We progressively create an environment that fosters a culture of securing our information assets, takes informed decisions on managing cyber and resiliency risk, and protects our people.
Group Security #ensures that AXA is #trusted to be #safe, #secure and #resilient.


Our ambition is to be a major catalyst for AXA’s transformation into a tech-led company.
Officially launched in January 2019, AXA Group Operations’ goal is to 
support AXA entities around the world in empowering people to live better lives.  

As AXA’s ‘engine’, Group Operations is responsible for making the business run on a day-to-day basis, as well as delivering solutions vital to its future. Bringing together seven teams with a wide range of expertise (IT, Data and Emerging Technologies, Security, Finance, Strategic Programs, Procurement and Sourcing, as well as AXA Business Services), we are the ones providing advice, steering technological choices and giving AXA access to innovations that will support its transformation into a customer-centric tech-led company. For this, we work in close partnership with AXA entities. 

Ours is an inspiring, global workplace with over 8,000 colleagues in 17 different countries spanning Europe, Asia as well as the US. 
OUR USP : Innovation, Global, Dynamic 
France : Java and Enjoy campus in the Batignolles, Paris

Europe : Spain; Switzerland; Germany; United Kingdom; Belgium, Poland

Worldwide : United States; Mexico; Philippines; Malaysia; Japan; India; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Singapore; Morocco 

Managerial Level Expected  
Empowering team members 3 Master
Networking leadership 3 Master
Vision & strategic thinking 3 Master


Technical Level Expected  
Company IS knowledge 3 Master
English  4 Expert
Information security 3 Master
Project Management 4 Expert


Transversal Level Expected  
Agility & ability to learn 4 Expert
Change & stakeholder management 3 Master
Collaborative working 4 Expert
Decision & execution 3 Master
Proactive organization skills 3 Master

 We care about your well-being, so we offer:

  • Package consistent of: 45 days of paid leave, flexible working hours and 2 days of remote work, salary structured of fixed pay and bonus as well as many other benefits;
  • Friendly work environment in a brand new building in Paris with innovative work space;
  • Working in a friendly atmosphere with great collegueas!