Challenges Terms

  • The Challenges are only for IT Professional & IT graduates.
  • You can only participate in contest with single Email. A participant using multiple Emails to participate in the Challenge will be disqualified.
  • All individual Participants should ensure to enter their Official email ID before the start of competition.
  • All individual Participants should ensure to enter their Legal Last Name & First Name before the start of the Challenge.
  • Participant Mails verification will happen at any point of time during the Challenge by EDITx employees or the Company owning the challenge.
  • Any discrepancy in verification will lead to disqualification of participation. Decision in this regard will be solely at EDITx's discretion.
  • If you encounter any problem during an ongoing contest, you can write to us at We will reset your participation and make sure that you can try the challenge in the best condition.
  • Users are solely responsible for the security & privacy of their Login and password and must protect it from getting leaked, getting shared, and getting copied.
  • Do not try any dishonest means for participation of the challenges. If any participant is found guilty of dishonest means, he/she will be disqualified for challenge.
  • Winners for each round will be declared on the basis of their score.
  • Qualifiers from each round will be nominated for the next round according to the Challenges' rule. The challenges' rules can change according to the challenge owners.
  • For Final Round participants, EDITx is not responsible for any travel or stay arrangements.
  • Prize distribution to the winners of the Competition will generally take place within 30 days from the announcement of the Result.
  • Prize distribution to the winners of the Finals will be done during the Finals themselves.
  • Any Change in above or in Participation policy will be at the discretion of EDITx.
  • EDITx and the Challenge owners will have the sole right to declare the winners through the leaderboard. No appeal or request for re-evaluation will be retained.
  • We will capture IP addresses to ensure that the visits are unique.
  • All communication will be sent to the official email address submitted at the time of registration.
  • EDITx reserves the right to use participants names and pictures for marketing purposes. But we will only use the names of the winners and you don't have to add a picture. :)


Any of the following reasons will justify a disqualification even if we feel sorry for that.

  • Communicating and/or publishing any kind of data, questions or solutions in liaison with the challenge, and sharing directly or indirectly this information with any other contestant before the challenge has been closed;
  • Attempting to damage the website or taking action that may have a negative impact on the normal process/operating procedure of the challenge. Incidently this may also be considered as a legal violation and EDITx reserves the right to initiate a legal procedure and claim damages before the Court.
  • Taking any action in violation of the copyrights/IP that belong to the Authors of the questions & EDITx Community.
  • Having multiple profiles while participating to the challenge.
  • Mis-using the joker "Ask a Friend", in which you have the possibility to send a question to one friend during the challenge, after which the friend provides input and the score is adapted accordingly. Don't send the question to yourself please :)