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Post date Author Category Question Stats
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

De Bevertjes kunnen hun kleurrijke tekening aanpassen door gebruik te maken van een toveroller...

278 answers
160 good - 118 bad
Maurice Naftalin
Java Champion, Author, Speaker, Associate at JavaSpecialists.EU & Technical Director at Morningside Light Ltd
135 answers
29 good - 106 bad
Bebras Community
Bebras Junior Fr

Soit une planche contenant N trous alignés, numérotés de 1 à N de gauche à droite (avec N un...

679 answers
295 good - 384 bad
Öykü Isik
Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick
Business Intelligence

As compared to RDBMS, Hadoop

65 answers
18 good - 47 bad
Christophe Peerens
Microsoft Technical Advisor at Neomytic

If you want a powerful cloud based predictive analytics tool, which Azure IoT Suite service will...

364 answers
64 good - 300 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain

Which valid conclusion can you infer from the following premise ? Premise : ((p → q) ∧ p)

90 answers
8 good - 82 bad
Adrien Dessilly
Project manager at Civadis

What will be the output :

445 answers
184 good - 261 bad
Maurice Naftalin
Java Champion, Author, Speaker, Associate at JavaSpecialists.EU & Technical Director at Morningside Light Ltd
List<Integer> ints = new ArrayList<>();
209 answers
83 good - 126 bad
Philippe Lacomme
Enseignant Chercheur at Université Clermont Auvergne
Constraint programming

Choco est un solveur de type PPC

642 answers
128 good - 514 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
964 answers
56 good - 908 bad
Olivier Mourisco
IT Manager at DataNewsJobs

What would be the output of this php code ?

97 answers
30 good - 67 bad
Thierry Van den Berghe
Professor in ICT / Associate Dean for Research at ICHEC
Business Analyst

A business analyst is interacting with several stakeholders for analysing a complex production...

129 answers
98 good - 31 bad
Majid Hajian
Senior Software Developer at Telia Norge

If you chain multiple pipes together, how will they be executed?

50 answers
37 good - 13 bad
IT Analyst at Intys Consulting
Digital Transformation Fundamentals

The product or innovation performance over time is, according to theory, usually showing an S-...

55 answers
16 good - 39 bad
Philippe Roose
Head of Computer Science Department & LIUPPA/T2I Research Team at IUT de Bayonne / UPPA
public class A {
  static int a = 100;
246 answers
193 good - 53 bad