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Post date Author Category Question Stats
Ludovic Gasc
IT Senior Solution Architect Web at Orange

What tool is not a container runtime application ?

182 answers
15 good - 167 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain

Which valid conclusion can you infer from the following premise ? Premise : ((p → q) ∧ ¬q)

112 answers
13 good - 99 bad
Nicholas Suter
MVP .NET & Chief Architect at Younited Credit

What is the complexity at worst of the search of a value by its key in a Dictionnary ?

135 answers
41 good - 94 bad
Irene Kyza
Lecturer in Computational Mathematics at University of Dundee

Suppose that Hector like beans, does not like peas, does not like lentils and likes sunflower...

936 answers
739 good - 197 bad
Olivier Matis

The standard way to have adaptive layout in iOS is to use :

143 answers
44 good - 99 bad
Christophe Heral
Membre du bureau Agile.NET France, Co-orga Agile Tour Bordeaux & Consultant .NET / Agile at Neotech Solutions

What is the generation used by the garbage collector for the longer-lived objects?

115 answers
46 good - 69 bad
IT Analyst at Intys Consulting
Digital Transformation Fundamentals

Which of the following definitions best corresponds to a digital transformation ?

746 answers
142 good - 604 bad
Gilles Flisch
Microsoft Tailor Made Development Manager at Elia

Supervised learning is a type of machine learning task where

857 answers
581 good - 276 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
L’archer Arnaud aimerait atteindre une cible avec sa flèche.
857 answers
847 good - 10 bad
David Scimè
Senior .Net Developer & Scrum Master at Freelance

Which application type can be deployed to Microsoft Azure?

390 answers
335 good - 55 bad