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Post date Author Category Question Stats
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

A project with a critical path of four consecutive activities A1, A2, A3, A4 has for each of...

66 answers
7 good - 59 bad
Thanh-Diane Nguyen
Professor at Louvain School of Management
Business Analyst

How can you define ITIL?
Mark one answer:

83 answers
62 good - 21 bad
Raul Jimenez
Google Developer Expert & Frontend Architect at Freelance

How can you get a reference of an NgForm given the template? Please select all valid options.

529 answers
36 good - 493 bad
Olivier Hubaut
Board Member & JUG Leader at Brussels Java User Group & Founder at T.M.P. Solution

What statements hold for the following Java code?

235 answers
53 good - 182 bad
Olivier Mourisco
IT Manager at DataNewsJobs

What would be output for following php code ?

88 answers
35 good - 53 bad
Johannes Schöning
Lichtenberg Professor and Professor of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at University of Bremen

What will be the output of the following code?

301 answers
255 good - 46 bad
Christophe Heral
Membre du bureau Agile.NET France, Co-orga Agile Tour Bordeaux & Consultant .NET / Agile at Neotech Solutions

Considering the following code, what is the return value of hashSet.Count ?

64 answers
35 good - 29 bad
Patrick Bellot

If you don't allow the value of an attribute to be modified after initialization, which keyword...

248 answers
186 good - 62 bad
Sébastien Aupetit
Ingénieur d'études et développement Java EE at Apside TOP
System design

We need to design two classes to hold a value: one for which the value can be modified and one...

506 answers
366 good - 140 bad
Bernd Müller
Co-organizer JUG Ostfalen & Professor for Computer Science at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

What is String Deduplication?

737 answers
640 good - 97 bad
Carole Dembour
Advisor - Economics at FEB

What is the result of the following formula : =VLOOKUP(A4;A2:B4;2;FALSE) ?

109 answers
29 good - 80 bad
Olivier Blazy
Maitre de Conférence at Université de Limoges

Quelles sont les principales sources d'informations exploitables lors de Social Engineering

241 answers
94 good - 147 bad
Kris Buytaert
Devops - Linux and Open Source Expert & CoFounder and CTO at Inuits

#!/bin/bash is commonly called as:

635 answers
309 good - 326 bad
Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe
.Net Evangelist and Agile Coach at Pyxis Belgium

How do you use String Interpolation in TypeScript ?

208 answers
74 good - 134 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
Network & Infrastructure

From which layer of the OSI reference model is it possible to exchange variable length data...

490 answers
211 good - 279 bad
Ludovic Saublains
Senior Java Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

Which of these statements are correct?

201 answers
63 good - 138 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain

The SQL SELECT clause ...

64 answers
12 good - 52 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
IT Student

The 3-SAT and 2-SAT problems are…

171 answers
48 good - 123 bad
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

Conflict resolution techniques that may be used on a project include:

78 answers
13 good - 65 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Les Castors et les Alligators jouent ensemble à un jeu.

708 answers
624 good - 84 bad
Benoit Donnet
Associate Professor at Université de Liège
Network & Infrastructure

Which one of the following is true regarding MPLS independent control label allocations?

122 answers
23 good - 99 bad
Axel Schmolitzky
Prof. Dr. at HAW Hamburg

Which values do the variables hold after the execution of the following Java code?

70 answers
16 good - 54 bad
Jens Krinke
Senior Lecturer at University College London

Assume that a class Node already exists and list1 and list2 have been created previously....

149 answers
50 good - 99 bad
Fabian Vilers
Software Craftsman at Dev One

What can you use to synchronize C# threads?

264 answers
45 good - 219 bad
Thomas Clauwaert
Network & Infrastructure

Imagine setting up a Linux virtual machine (for example Debian) with a NAT network interface on...

741 answers
435 good - 306 bad
Marie-Luce Bourguet
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London
Human-computer interaction

Which of the following is not one of the four Gestalt laws of perceptual...

664 answers
90 good - 574 bad
Thomas Soumagne
Head of IT Development at Gambit Financial Solutions

Which of the following cannot be a target for a custom attribute?

214 answers
133 good - 81 bad
Peter Lawrey
Java Champion, Blogger, Speaker & CEO at Higher Frequency Trading Ltd

The following

494 answers
235 good - 259 bad
Christophe Peerens
Microsoft Technical Advisor at Neomytic

Which of the following does the actual .Net code execute?

231 answers
140 good - 91 bad
Thomas Demande
Java Platform & Integration Specialist at EMAsphere

What will be the output of running the main method?

213 answers
108 good - 105 bad