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Michiel Wouters
.Net Consultant at Ordina Belgium

Where should connection strings be placed in MVC Core applications?

938 answers
53 good - 885 bad
Simon Martinelli
Member of The Board at JUG CH, Lecturer at Berne University of Applied Science & Managing Director at 72 Services
public class Streams {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
490 answers
434 good - 56 bad
Oyku Isik_1
Digital Transformation Fundamentals

Which of the following is not a critical success factor for digital transformation?

74 answers
43 good - 31 bad
David Hernie
Partner Business Evangelist at Microsoft Belux

To enable Drag and Drop on a XAML element in UWP and give visual cues to the user, what...

217 answers
28 good - 189 bad
Thomas Demande
Java Platform & Integration Specialist at EMAsphere

What is the output of this statement?

291 answers
228 good - 63 bad
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

A unique aspect of project management that makes cost management difficult is that:

84 answers
28 good - 56 bad
Olivier Mourisco
IT Manager at DataNewsJobs

What would be output for following php code ?

98 answers
30 good - 68 bad
Charles Perez
Associate Professor & Co-head of chair Disruptive Digital Data at PSB Paris School of Business
Project Management

Which of these roles does not exist in a Scrum team?

72 answers
41 good - 31 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

What does the following code print after execution?

162 answers
53 good - 109 bad
Daniel Penninck
Co-Founder & advisor at

LinkedHashSet implements

339 answers
149 good - 190 bad
Jérémy Landon
Microsoft MVP - Expert/Coach DevOps & ALM at Freelance

With which button(s) does the application crash?

112 answers
17 good - 95 bad
Stefan Edlich
Machine Learning

What is the typical logistic regression function?

605 answers
157 good - 448 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Vandaag viert Benno Bever zijn elfde verjaardag.

958 answers
90 good - 868 bad
Bebras Community
Bebras Junior NL

Benny heeft een rugzak die maximaal 7 kg hout kan bevatten.

609 answers
484 good - 125 bad
Jeroen Willemsen
Principal Security Architect at Xebia

Which off the following are part of the modern ciphersuite for TLS ?

548 answers
517 good - 31 bad
Thierry Leriche-Dessirier
Architecte, Développeur full stack, Rédacteur pour, Concepteur & Professeur de Génie Logiciel at Société Générale

What does it print ?

230 answers
49 good - 181 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
IT Student

What can SHA-1 be used for?

109 answers
40 good - 69 bad
Christophe Verschuere
Biztalk Expert at Sibelga


238 answers
113 good - 125 bad
Martine George
Professor of Management Practice at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Big Data analytics

How many times do you run the training algorithm if you use a k-fold cross-validation process...

67 answers
19 good - 48 bad
Pierre Bettens
IT Teacher - Maitre-Assistant at ESI

Which of the following words is not recognized by the compiler as a valid variable name?

424 answers
302 good - 122 bad
Eleyeh Abaneh
Junior Data Analyst at Intys Consulting
Robotic Process Automation

How does the robot interpret screen displays?

88 answers
24 good - 64 bad
José San Román
VP of Engineering at ING Bank Spain

What is the output of this code?

116 answers
53 good - 63 bad
David Scimè
Senior .Net Developer & Scrum Master at Freelance

Which programming languages are fully supported with the current version of Azure Function (1.x...

382 answers
188 good - 194 bad
Samuel Cremer

What is the output of the following code ?

137 answers
22 good - 115 bad
Olivier Croisier
Freelance, certified Java/Spring expert, fullstack developer & architect at Moka Technologies

Which of the following types are considered reifiable ?

191 answers
0 good - 191 bad
David Hauweele
PhD student (FRIA) at Université de Mons

What is the output of the following program?

55 answers
29 good - 26 bad
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

The project life cycle phases vary from project to project, but all projects have initial,...

67 answers
46 good - 21 bad
Maud Chiva Rampazzo
Associate - CTO at SoftFluent

Wich assertion is true ?

810 answers
474 good - 336 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain

The SQL SELECT clause ...

64 answers
12 good - 52 bad
Wassim Chegham
Angular Core Team and Head of OSS at SFEIR

What are the advantages of compiling your Angular application with AOT?

836 answers
810 good - 26 bad