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Post date Author Category Question Stats
Thomas Soumagne
Head of IT Development at Gambit Financial Solutions

What does this program display?

245 answers
144 good - 101 bad
Jurgen Van de Moere
Google Developer Expert & Owner and Front-end Architect at Jvandemo BVBA

Which of the following are valid Angular component lifecycle hooks?

679 answers
266 good - 413 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Rond een oude boom...

245 answers
65 good - 180 bad
Bebras Community
Bebras Junior NL

Hier is een tabel met een samenvatting van de verzamelde gegevens over de jonge studenten die...

325 answers
188 good - 137 bad
Ludovic Saublains
Senior Java Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

Which of these keywords is not a part of exception handling?

427 answers
350 good - 77 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
Business Analyst
Which one of the following instruction corresponds the best to the following sequence diagram...
180 answers
61 good - 119 bad
Thomas Soumagne
Head of IT Development at Gambit Financial Solutions

What is Boxing / Unboxing?

600 answers
284 good - 316 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain

With SQL, how do you insert new values into the table “Persons”, so that the values of...

62 answers
31 good - 31 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Quatre castors scouts A, B, C et D sont conviés au repaire des castors scouts pour parler...

672 answers
477 good - 195 bad
Filip Van Utterbeeck
Associate Professor at Royal Military Academy Belgium
Machine Learning

You want to use a decision tree classifier for data with two numerical attributes, as shown in...

266 answers
81 good - 185 bad
Raul Martinez
.Net technologies expert at RMMΛConsulting

Which pattern does the .Net framework use to store strings when you write code?

278 answers
54 good - 224 bad
David Hernie
Partner Business Evangelist at Microsoft Belux

An extension solution developer kit (SDK) provides developers with access to device family-...

95 answers
55 good - 40 bad
Geoffrey Vandiest
Chief Technical Architect Gas Flow Management at Fluxys

What is the correct statement about an enumeration?

213 answers
96 good - 117 bad
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

Part of the project closure process is to gain formal acceptance.

64 answers
28 good - 36 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

De computer van Alonzo werkt op een bijzondere manier en kent maar enkele bewerkingen:

990 answers
935 good - 55 bad
Simon Martinelli
Member of The Board at JUG CH, Lecturer at Berne University of Applied Science & Managing Director at 72 Services
public class Streams {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
892 answers
613 good - 279 bad
Maxime Cordy
Research Scientist at SnT / University of Luxembourg


151 answers
28 good - 123 bad
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

The cost contingency reserve should be:

76 answers
36 good - 40 bad
Sergi Almar i Graupera
Software Engineer at Spring I/O

Which of the following JVM language is dynamic?

310 answers
71 good - 239 bad
Gilles Flisch
Microsoft Tailor Made Development Manager at Elia

To define in Xaml a constant in UWP I use the following namespace.

169 answers
64 good - 105 bad
Philippe Baecke
Professor of Marketing & Data Analytics at Vlerick Business School
Big Data analytics

Which of the following predictive techniques is most easy to explain to business?

294 answers
187 good - 107 bad
Guillaume de Moffarts
in Computer Science Engineering at ECAM

What does the following program print after execution?

350 answers
141 good - 209 bad
Manuel Vilares Ferro
Full Professor in Computer Science at University of Vigo
Compilers, compiler design

Substantiate the truth or falsehood of the following statement:

100 answers
57 good - 43 bad
Shaha Alam
Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultant at Infomentum

Given the following code:

137 answers
44 good - 93 bad
Hélène de Ribaupierre
Lecturer Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff university

Should I implement all methods in abstract class when I extend it in a non abstract class ?

387 answers
108 good - 279 bad
IT Analyst at Intys Consulting
Digital Transformation Fundamentals

What are the most important reasons for embarking an a digital transformation project ?

51 answers
26 good - 25 bad
Lars Knipping
Professor at Berlin Institute of Technology & CTO at Snaptrust

Check the following method.

161 answers
37 good - 124 bad
Thierry Leriche-Dessirier
Architecte, Développeur full stack, Rédacteur pour, Concepteur & Professeur de Génie Logiciel at Société Générale

What does it print ?

248 answers
24 good - 224 bad
Eleyeh Abaneh
Junior Data Analyst at Intys Consulting
Design Thinking

What are the different steps of Design Thinking ?

72 answers
20 good - 52 bad
Jeroen Willemsen
Principal Security Architect at Xebia

Which of the following type of keystores applies encryption to the keys stored in them :

582 answers
160 good - 422 bad