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Post date Author Category Body Stats
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Un jour, Prof Castor voulait imprimer les bulletins de ses 100 élèves.

708 answers
131 good - 577 bad
José Paumard
Maître de Conférences at Université Paris 13 Nord

What is the value of "number" ?

241 answers
26 good - 215 bad
Wassim Chegham
Angular Core Team and Head of OSS at SFEIR

Which Angular APIs return Observables types?

302 answers
216 good - 86 bad
Philippe Baecke
Professor of Marketing & Data Analytics at Vlerick Business School
Big Data analytics

Which data source in NOT absolutely necessary to visualise the process flow...

494 answers
242 good - 252 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain

What is an artifact model?

643 answers
218 good - 425 bad
Sylvie Skepi
Program Manager at Intys Consulting
Project Management

What are the main responsibilities of the project manager in the Execution phase of a digital...

841 answers
840 good - 1 bad
Lorenzo Adyns
Analist-Developer at FOD Justitie
        class Ancestor
110 answers
94 good - 16 bad
Abraham Otero
Associate Professor at Universidad CEU San Pablo

Test 2

242 answers
79 good - 163 bad
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

Effective stakeholder management includes all of the following project elements except:

114 answers
36 good - 78 bad
Jean-François Henrard
Senior Analyst Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

Which class is the most efficient ?

430 answers
254 good - 176 bad
Benoit Donnet
Associate Professor at Université de Liège
Network & Infrastructure

The computation of the shortest path in OSPF is usually done by:

63 answers
36 good - 27 bad
Bebras Community
Bebras Junior NL

Een reddingsbrigade zoekt een dove jongeman die verdwaald is in grotten.

902 answers
449 good - 453 bad
Sylvain Guerin
Angular 2 Enthusiast & Digital Craftsman at ENGIE Electrabel

What are the default access levels (public, private, ...) of a variable defined in Typescript...

935 answers
563 good - 372 bad
Bebras Community
Bebras Junior Fr

Vous construisez un barrage sur une rivière avec un ami.

384 answers
48 good - 336 bad
Olivier Matis

The png or jpeg images resources in an Android application must be stored in the :

186 answers
162 good - 24 bad
Gilles Meyer
Freelance AI consultant at GMind analytics
Machine Learning .NET

Which learning tasks do not have first class support in ML.NET 1.0 ?

356 answers
300 good - 56 bad
Sylvie Skepi
Program Manager at Intys Consulting
Project Management

Projects are selected and initiated based on their strategic scoring.

53 answers
25 good - 28 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Gros Castor et Petit Castor plantent des fleurs dans leur jardin.

515 answers
404 good - 111 bad
Ralf Lämmel

Could the following Java class instantiate Iterable?

79 answers
1 good - 78 bad
Aurea Muñoz
Software Engineer at Ritmx

What is the output of this code?

292 answers
65 good - 227 bad
Fabian Vilers
Software Craftsman at Dev One

What’s the type the following object?

74 answers
14 good - 60 bad
Lorenzo Adyns
Analist-Developer at FOD Justitie
int sum = 0;
 int index = 0;
343 answers
299 good - 44 bad
Manuel Vilares Ferro
Full Professor in Computer Science at University of Vigo
Compilers, compiler design

Substantiate the truth or falsehood of the following statement:

736 answers
495 good - 241 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Le facteur Bebras distribue le courrier en suivant un système particulier.

359 answers
60 good - 299 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

What is the type of the following variable?

a = (12.0)
144 answers
110 good - 34 bad
Thierry Van den Berghe
Professor in ICT / Associate Dean for Research at ICHEC
Business Analyst

Mark the statement that best describes the role of the sponsor.
Mark one answer:

106 answers
53 good - 53 bad
Carole Dembour
Advisor - Economics at FEB

You want to know the quantity that should have been sold on January the 5th in order to reach a...

68 answers
36 good - 32 bad
Eleyeh Abaneh
Junior Data Analyst at Intys Consulting
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

What is the reason behind the explosion of interest in big data?

80 answers
33 good - 47 bad
Rodrigo Manzanares
Embedded SW Engineer at Dekimo Experts

After declaring this structure:

54 answers
20 good - 34 bad
Carlos Matos

The if condition in the code below is considered to be a bad practice.

345 answers
216 good - 129 bad