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Ludovic Saublains
Senior Java Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

Which of these is an incorrect Statement?

431 answers
205 good - 226 bad
Öykü Isik
Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick
Business Intelligence

What does OLAP acronym stand for?

88 answers
33 good - 55 bad
12.09.2019 Database

Which statement(s) is(are) wrong in this list?

603 answers
507 good - 96 bad
Fabien Dehopré
Senior Frontend Developer at Satellit

What is the value of x.length after running the following code?

763 answers
452 good - 311 bad
Fabian Vilers
Software Craftsman at Dev One

What interfaces would you implement to create an ASP.NET MVC filter?

277 answers
51 good - 226 bad
Jakub Krajniak
Python programmer at AppTension

What will be the output of the following code:

382 answers
44 good - 338 bad
Gilles Di Guglielmo
Software Architect, Founder team member at Les Furets
enum Singleton {

  static Singleton get() {
472 answers
287 good - 185 bad
Axel Schmolitzky
Prof. Dr. at HAW Hamburg

Which value does the variable x hold after the execution of the following Java code?

166 answers
73 good - 93 bad
IT Analyst at Intys Consulting
Digital Transformation Fundamentals

What is a good definition for Disruptive Innovation?

384 answers
207 good - 177 bad
Ludovic Saublains
Senior Java Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

What will be the output of:

447 answers
326 good - 121 bad
Gilles Flisch
Microsoft Tailor Made Development Manager at Elia

Uwp x:Load="False"

774 answers
91 good - 683 bad
Bebras Community
Bebras Junior NL

U wilt een nieuw paar schoenen kopen. Na lang nadenken, vond je een model dat je bevalt.

105 answers
17 good - 88 bad
Kévin Chalet
Microsoft MVP at Freelance

What's the value written to the console output stream when executing this method?

115 answers
38 good - 77 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain
Project Management

Risk Management Planning is an example of an iterative planning process.

84 answers
17 good - 67 bad
Ana Gabriela Mejía
Consultant Associate at Red Hat EMEA

What is the output of this code? 

682 answers
402 good - 280 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Petit Castor a trouvé quatre oeufs de Pâques.

187 answers
166 good - 21 bad
Philippe Baecke
Professor of Marketing & Data Analytics at Vlerick Business School
Big Data analytics

Deep learning (i.e. convolutional neural networks) is frequently used for image recognition.

470 answers
185 good - 285 bad
Adrien Clerbois
Freelance at AClerbois
.NET Core

With.NET Core, is it possible to use a COM?

864 answers
201 good - 663 bad
Gregory Seront
IT Professor at Institut Paul Lambin

A typical use case for Java 8 Lambda expressions is

346 answers
223 good - 123 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
Network & Infrastructure

What does the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer control and handle? (check all that apply)

154 answers
15 good - 139 bad
Claude Duvallet
Maître de Conférences at Université du Havre
Real-time computing

Dans un système temps réel, quelles sont les conséquences du non-respect d'une contrainte...

421 answers
131 good - 290 bad
Clara Bertolissi
Research Associate Professor at Aix-Marseille Université
Project Management

When an attacker injects client-side scripts into web pages, possibly succeeding in bypassing...

621 answers
185 good - 436 bad
Louis J. Mercken
Chairman of the Challenge Jury, Co-Founder Threon, Currently Senior Advisor to the Threon CEO & Board of Directors at Threon
Project Management

An individual’s willingness to take a risk can be determined by:

75 answers
3 good - 72 bad
Michiel Wouters
.Net Consultant at Ordina Belgium

What is the most portable class library type to use when writing code for project with multiple...

626 answers
227 good - 399 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

What does the following program print after execution?

90 answers
43 good - 47 bad
Ludovic Saublains
Senior Java Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

Which of the following command is used to compile the Java program

433 answers
377 good - 56 bad
Miguel Reboiro Jato
Associate Professor at University of Vigo

Which application server supports CDI and JAX-RS specifications by default (without additional...

936 answers
815 good - 121 bad
Antoine Vacavant
Associate Professor at IUT du Puy-en-Velay

Find the intruder method for a correct use of Thread class:

159 answers
105 good - 54 bad
Dan Hardiker
Chief Technical Officer at Ltd

What does a thread dump contain?

140 answers
21 good - 119 bad
Thomas Soumagne
Head of IT Development at Gambit Financial Solutions

What is Boxing / Unboxing?

367 answers
254 good - 113 bad