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EDITx is an open IT Library of questions to share and gain knowledge. Become an EDITx author because you care: share your knowledge to fit everyone benefit with a quality IT education.

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As contributor of the IT library, you allow others to use your questions, in the same way you can make use of theirs. Nevertheless, you keep the intellectual property on your work and will be notified any time that an author is using your questions or when someone answers your questions. Moreover, your privileged status allows you to set up private and public tests, to share your questions with your students, friends, colleagues or acquaintances and to get the results in real time.

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To become an EDITx Author, you just need to set up 5 QCM questions, in the field of your choice, and indicate the right answer. If your questions allows a better "Education in IT for X", you will receive the status and advantages of an EDITx Author.

Post date Author Category Body Stats
21.08.2019 .NET

Question 1

499 answers
90 good - 409 bad
21.08.2019 .NET

Question 2

304 answers
193 good - 111 bad
25.11.2019 DevOps

In Azure, which abstraction is used to deploy and manage a set of identical VMs?

102 answers
14 good - 88 bad
21.08.2019 .NET

Question 3

101 answers
54 good - 47 bad
21.08.2019 .NET


569 answers
257 good - 312 bad
21.08.2019 .NET


665 answers
141 good - 524 bad
21.08.2019 .NET


973 answers
665 good - 308 bad
21.08.2019 .NET

Question 5

527 answers
136 good - 391 bad
21.08.2019 .NET


691 answers
518 good - 173 bad
21.08.2019 .NET

Q 1

273 answers
97 good - 176 bad
21.08.2019 .NET

Question 4

848 answers
711 good - 137 bad