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Post date Author Category Body Stats
Thomas Levesque
Consultant .net at Infinite Square

Quelle est la sortie de ce programme ?

using System;...
780 answers
754 good - 26 bad
Christophe Peerens
Microsoft Technical Advisor at Neomytic

What is the poorest way (performances and resources) to mutually exclude access to an object...

75 answers
11 good - 64 bad
Thierry Van den Berghe
Professor in ICT / Associate Dean for Research at ICHEC
Business Analyst

As a business analyst, Tom has elicited a large set or requirements.

144 answers
113 good - 31 bad
Eleyeh Abaneh
Junior Data Analyst at Intys Consulting
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

What is the name of a popular library used to manipulate datasets in Python?

151 answers
100 good - 51 bad
Nicolas Mariot
Organizer MUG .NET Nantes & Freelance Consultant at E-nigma

What is the output of the following code :

126 answers
42 good - 84 bad
Bernd Müller
Co-organizer JUG Ostfalen & Professor for Computer Science at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

The following expression

78 answers
11 good - 67 bad
Claude Duvallet
Maître de Conférences at Université du Havre
Real-time computing

Dans un système temps réel, quelles sont les conséquences du non-respect d'une contrainte...

767 answers
312 good - 455 bad
Oliver Szymanski
IT Consultant at Source Knights Ltd

Which statements are true about LinkedList and ArrayList?

126 answers
16 good - 110 bad
Loïc Bar
Chief Executive Office at Opinum

Parmis les annotations suivantes, choisissez celle qui s'executera sans erreur : [Image1]

447 answers
257 good - 190 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
Bebras Junior NL

Welke reeks getallen voltooit de volgende reeks het beste?

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …

655 answers
593 good - 62 bad
Joris Hermans
Senior R&D Software Engineer at Dematic NV

Why do you want to use ng-container in your templates from your angular components?

798 answers
675 good - 123 bad
Gilles Meyer
Freelance AI consultant at GMind analytics
Machine Learning .NET


223 answers
195 good - 28 bad
Antoine Vacavant
Associate Professor at IUT du Puy-en-Velay

How many instructions are valid ?

442 answers
206 good - 236 bad
Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe
.Net Evangelist and Agile Coach at Pyxis Belgium

What is the risk of defining an async method like this :

96 answers
30 good - 66 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Alice heeft enkel driehoekige, vierkante en ronde kaarten.

777 answers
757 good - 20 bad
Fabien Dehopré
Senior Frontend Developer at Satellit

What public properties exist on the following class definition?

780 answers
459 good - 321 bad
David Hernie
Partner Business Evangelist at Microsoft Belux

What element do you use to allow Ink input?

93 answers
28 good - 65 bad
Bebras Community
Bebras Junior Fr

Votre papa vous a préparé cinq lunchbox pour ce midi.

944 answers
402 good - 542 bad
Sébastien Aupetit
Ingénieur d'études et développement Java EE at Apside TOP

Considering n threads processing independent data in two steps.

159 answers
26 good - 133 bad
Filip Van Utterbeeck
Associate Professor at Royal Military Academy Belgium
Machine Learning

You’re developing a spam filter for e-mail.

166 answers
87 good - 79 bad
Marianne Huchard

Which static methods can be written for adding to the generic Pair class a way of copying its...

616 answers
11 good - 605 bad
Sandro Mancuso
Author, International Speaker, Founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community, Software Craftsman & Managing Director at Codurance

What is the output of streamsTest when it is run?

150 answers
35 good - 115 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Research Associate at Université Catholique de Louvain

What is the complexity of the following algorithm expressed in Big-O notation ?

753 answers
719 good - 34 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

L'instruction d’affectation AB modifie une image de boites et de flèches de la...

159 answers
2 good - 157 bad
Jonathan Slenders
Python Expert at Cisco

What will the following code print ?

206 answers
51 good - 155 bad
Jean-François Henrard
Senior Analyst Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

What the visibility of a protected method ?

496 answers
270 good - 226 bad
Jens Ehlers
Prof. Dr.-Ing. at Fachhochschule Lübeck

Which value is assigned to the result variable by the following statement?

113 answers
15 good - 98 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
Network & Infrastructure

On which TCP port does the HTTPS protocol runs, by default?

57 answers
44 good - 13 bad
Pierre Bettens
IT Teacher - Maitre-Assistant at ESI

Which of them is not a separator ?

441 answers
336 good - 105 bad
Michiel Wouters
.Net Consultant at Ordina Belgium

What is an extension method?

111 answers
37 good - 74 bad