Senior Bebras Challenge Belgium 2019 by ECAM

Senior Bebras Challenge Belgium 2019 by ECAM

How good are you at problem solving? How broad is your computer science culture? How well do you know the different domains of informatics? With this unique challenge, co-organised by the Computer Science and IT in Education (CSITEd) nonprofit organisation and the ECAM Brussels Engineering School, you will be able to get some clues about the three questions. 

The first round of the challenge is played online from the 25th of March, 2019 to the 3rd of May, 2019. The best challengers will then be invited for the final which takes place on the 11th of May 2019, co-located with the Computer Science Day 2019.

This challenge is inspired from the Bebras contest ( and proposes fun questions, each of which is related to one domain of the computer science field. Thanks to this challenge, you will get the opportunity to learn things, to test yourself, to compare yourself to your friends and other contestants. The online phase takes 15 minutes during which you have to answer to 15 multiple choices questions. 

Only participants located in Belgium can win prizes, but everyone can participate. IT Students and Professionals will compete in two separate leagues so that one Belgian student and one Belgian professional will be crowned the Student and the Pro Bebras Champions.

After you complete the Challenge, you will not see your result immediately. The details of your score and your ranking will be released in your private userboard at the end of the challenge so that the answers can't be shared among players during the Challenge.

Members of the jury & Generous Contributors of this challenge:

Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM
Sébastien d'Oreye
Professor at ECAM
Guillaume de Moffarts
Master in Computer Science in Software Engineering at Université catholique de Louvain
Terms and Conditions: 

How to participate?

Everyone can participate but only belgian residents over 18 years old are eligible to take part at the finals and win the prizes. One registration per person is authorized. The participant can only compete in his own name and not for someone else. Personal information of the participant may be checked through different sources. Personal information must be accurate. Inaccurate or false information given by the participant will invalid the registration or entail the loss of the Prize.

Should you be a secondary school students willing to participate to this challenge, please move to Junior Bebras Challenge Belgium 2019.

Scores calculation and Jokers

You will have 15 minutes to give the correct answer to 15 questions. The questions will be multiple choices with one or several good answer(s). The questions will be provided by specialised academics and professionals, who will also be the jury of the Challenge. 

The online test contains a maximum of 15 questions with 3 levels of difficulty and an associated score of 1, 2 or 3 points, if answered correctly:

  • 4 easy questions (1 point)
  • 7 medium questions (2 points)
  • 4 difficult questions (3 points)

A wrong answer results in a score of minus 1, irrespective of the level of the question. When you skip a question, you win nor lose points. The total score will be the cumulative score of all questions answered within the set timeframe of 15 minutes.

The contest allows the usage of three ‘jokers’:

  • The "50/50", forcing the online test to take out half of the possible answers to a question
  • The "Ask the challengers", where the percentage of the other challengers choosing each answer is displayed to you and
  • The "Bonus question/Ask a friend", in which the challenger sends a bonus question (after the regular 15 minutes) to a friend in the course of the 6-week Challenge. The friend provides the answer and the score is adapted with the result.

Data privacy

In the context of this competition, the following data about the participants will be collected and processed: name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number and possibly Linkedin profile. The organizers’ servers will automatically save specific data such as: address, date and time. Personal data are collected and processed for the following uses:

  • To enable and oversee the correct competition process
  • To analyze and optimize EDITx
  • To set up the Statboard & Leaderboard at the end of the challenge

EDITx shares the personal information of the participants with and only with the CSITEd, the ECAM Brussels Engineering School and with any governmental agency or Authority at their request (in case of irregularities).

The CSITEd and the ECAM Brussels Engineering School, owners of this challenge will use this information for the following purposes:

  • To contact all participants to share challenge results
  • To contact the best participants to invite them for the finals
  • To contact all the participants to ask them for a feedback about the challenge
Hosted by:
From 25/03/2019 to 03/05/2019

Challenge closed !

Time to complete:
Maximum 900 seconds
Number of questions:
Bonus available:
  • 50-50
  • Ask the challengers
8 + 2 =