Data Engineer

The Belgian, German and European energy landscape is in full swing. Did you know that our organization plays a crucial role in this?

Our organization ensures the reliability and sustainability of the electricity supply in Belgium.


Side-by-side with other Contingent Workers and internal staff, you will play a part in building a sustainable, green and reliable energy infrastructure that stimulates economic growth and reduces our ecological footprint.

Only together can we make the biggest impact possible! We believe in the power of diversity: we are convinced that an inclusive and diverse work environment leads to more innovation, creativity and better results.


Within the corporate Digital & Data department, we aim at facilitating and driving our organization to leverage data.


At our organization, data is considered as a major asset for the business to achieve its targets (strategic ambitions, innovation or transformation themes, objectives and regulatory compliance).


With our Data Platform consisting out of  :

  • Cutting-edge Integration Toolset,  
  • Business Intelligence,
  • Analytics and storage capabilities,  
  • A platform for the Management of Master Data,  
  • A Data Governance platform that encompasses Data Lineage and Data Quality. 

With our Data Organization consisting out of  :

  • Business Product Teams (supporting the business stakeholder initiatives, organized according the Agile principles)
  • Backbone/Platform Teams (supporting the data platform initiatives, organized according the Agile principles)
  • Transversal competencies Team (supporting the various profiles and technologies initiatives, organized according the Agile principles (Spotify))

Our Data Organization never stands still: No status-quo!


Accordingly, we challenge ourselves and the organization continuously.  

We work in quite flat hierarchy, with our team mates widespread in agile teams, and according to the principles of open source.


Service description:

We are looking for two Senior/Medior Data Engineers, who will primarily join one of our product Teams. It is an opportunity to mark with your signature our corporate Data organization, and contribute indirectly to better product to manage our Customer, as more qualitative data or service around data for our customer.


We are looking for Data Engineers able to create data pipelines, efficient storage structures, powerful materialized views in different analytical technologies, but also data exchange endpoints at destination of our users. To some extent, you’ll also have to interact with aspect related to governance tools (Glossary, Modeling, Lineage, or Data Quality…).


What you will NOT be doing: 

  • You shall not act from an Ivory Technical Tower. 
  • You don’t not make decisions for the Business but rather advise them with careful logic or showing your reasoning. You shall not deliver technical solution, rather product features.

What will be your mission and for which competences will you need an Extensive hands-on experience (> 3 to 5 years preferable) in 2 out of the 4 following categories:
  • Implementing solutions with on-premise data technologies stack from Microsoft (SSIS, SSAS, and SQL Server) 
  • Implementing data pipelines using Azure services such as Azure Databricks, but also to some extent Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Azure Stream/log Analytics, and Azure DevOps 
  • Implementing data pipelines or data enrichments with Python in a Databricks environment 
  • Open to learn and jump on new technologies (on the ones listed above, or also Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4j, or Apache Arrow, …) 
  • Able and willing to interact with business analysts and stakeholders to refine some requirements and to present reusable and integrated solution 
  • Able and willing to contribute to extensive testing of the solution, as the reinforcement of devops principles within the team.
  • Able and willing to contribute to the writing and structuration of documentation 


As a candidate for this mission, you should also be able to demonstrate non-technical skills:
  • Able to challenge your interlocutors by leveraging your rational thinking, and no non-sense philosophy. 
  • Continuously look at data in a transversal way (no siloes), across the entire Enterprise, to maximize coherence, reuse and adoption. 
  • Track record of driving results through continuous improvement 
  • Customer-oriented 
  • Thinking Iterative
  • Analytical approach to problem-solving and a track record of driving results through continuous improvement 
  • Team player breathing respect, open-mind, dare, challenge, innovation and one team/voice for the Customer 
  • Product-oriented mindset 
  • Enjoy sharing ideas with the team (or with other teams) and contribute to the product success 
  • Language skills: fluent in English (must have) AND fluent in German/French or Dutch (soft requirement)
  • Good communication skills