Wemanity Belgium

Founded in 2013 and established in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Morocco, Wemanity initiates and accelerates the agile transformation of companies, in a process of co-creation with customers in 23 different countries. We work with ambitious organizations and help them transform into future proof agile companies.

Built on a core base of early agilists and serial entrepreneurs who believe that ‘accomplishing together’ is the key to success, Wemanity embodies a new generation in consultancy. The ultimate objective is to look at how work is organized and to rebuild it around positive principles. In this way, Wemanity dramatically changes the classic approach to consulting, by using collaboration as the indispensable condition to achieving innovation and success of large corporations.

Our cooperators bring their expertise and skills around 4 offerings: our Integrated Agile Transformation Model, our agile coaching approach, our DevOps approach and our agile trainings. Our cooperator’s energy and contributions are what makes us The Agile Driving Force.

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