Trixter GmbH

We create dazzling concept art and award-winning effects for television & feature films.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we’ve always been a creative pioneer in German VFX. There is no project too big nor small for TRIXTER— we’re ready to rock and roll with capacity for 200+ employees.

Our Story

Est. 1998, Munich

We founded TRIXTER with an ambition to blaze new trails in German 3D animation. Then called Trixter Film, our co-founders Simone Kraus and Michael Coldewey led the way as we created memorable characters and visuals for films like Hui Buh – Das Schlossgespenst and Dragonhunters. Our Berlin studio opened its doors in 2016.


In 2010, we branched out into other realms of VFX and first teamed up with Marvel to work on Iron Man 2, setting us on a sensational new path. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to work on 15+ films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saving the world from the forces of evil… and making sure every frame looks spectacular.

Our trailblazing character work and über-creative concept team have since earned us a reputation as Germany’s leading VFX purveyors.


While our work has been featured far and wide, we’ve stayed true to our vision of bringing high-end visual effects to the German cinematic industry. We’ve happily worked on some of Germany’s most renowned films, including Hexe Lilli and the Jim Knopf series. In 2020, our team proudly took home a Lola award for our work on Die Känguru-Chroniken.



In 2018, we joined forces with CINESITE, becoming part of one of the largest independent digital entertainment studios worldwide.

In mid-2018, we entered an exciting new partnership with  CINESITE. The skills transfer and technology collaboration brought with this partnership has enabled us to exceed our previous achievements by far. Additionally, we’re no longer limited to just our Munich and Berlin studio spaces, but share resources and top talent across the UK and Canada as well. This reciprocal relationship means a bright and shiny future ahead of us!





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