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Triglav Digital participates in the world transformation by providing agile consulting and engineering services in design, deployment and transformation of digital and life science environments across the industry.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide the right solutions, enabling our customers to refocus on their core business, thus maximizing their potential and success.

To that end, we strive to be the most flexible partners and the best listeners to our customers’ pain points.

Triglav Digital is part of the international group Miège, providing services in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary.


Mission & values

We are a company that values customer focus, collaboration, respect and excellence.

  • Customer Focus : We aim at preserving the customer distinctiveness at the center of every stage of the digital evolution.

  • Collaboration : We strive to achieve our goals together and foster an ambitious environment.

  • Respect : We believe there is no true collaboration without the highest respect.

  • Excellence : We are passionate about excellence and are committed to the highest standards despite the ever changing digital environment.




The digital and life sciences industry are fundamentally changing our whole economy and industry.

Digital transformation will even more alter the way we operate and deliver value to customers. It requires a constant cultural change and challenge of the status quo.

Our solutions endeavour to bring inspiration and innovation through consulting services in order to support the execution of growth strategies across major economies.

This is made possible through the leverage of an extensive network in the digital world, a highly flexible and competent workforce, a strong human centric approach to on-board the best talents and a smart way of creating efficient processes



Our customers need their employees’ focus to shift to transformation and innovation. We provide the necessary solutions to take over the daily management of their activities.



Digital Transformation implies a peak of workload during an identified transition time. We help our customers address this volume fluctuation seamlessly. Specific external expertise related to change management and digital evolution is also brought in the customer’s organization to ensure a timely and cost effective transformation.



The digital era has sparked a new revolution. Our customers need to reinvent their business model. Triglav Digital is enthusiastic in supporting them creating innovative solutions in order to generate new revenue streams in or outside their respective industries.



  • Consulting

    We are currently living a rapid and large Digital Revolution led by innovative technologies (5G, AR/VR, AI, Blockchain…) and powered by networks and mobile penetration. This revolution is disrupting our way of living, working and our consumptions habits. Some technologies such as automation and AI will result in major changes in the organisation of companies. Most enterprises now need to understand how to reinvent themselves to avoid being outrun by the wave of new entrants and new age tech companies. Triglav Digital is dedicated to support its customer’s requirements to safely and rapidly evolve to this new digital era.


  • Telecommunications

    Networks and Telecommunication are at the heart of our modern era, enabling Digital Communication instantaneously, constantly and everywhere on the planet. Triglav Digital provides services in design, deployment, maintenance and performance of mobile and fixed digital networks. Our strong expertise in specific network services such as operation, modernisation and services co-creation has allowed us to become a key independent telecommunication service provider. Our employees have been key to our success, as they bring the best program management, quality assurance and technical expertise to our customers.


  • IT & Digital Transformation

    IT ensures interoperability and defines the methods and functional rules of our numerous storage, processing and communication systems. DevOps, systems administration, blockchain, cloud, virtualization, are at the heart of our service management. Agile practices emphasize daily communication and flexible reassessment of plans. Our team is fully dedicated to maximise our customer experience. Through Digital Transformation, Triglav Digital also enables data collection, processing and smart use across our swiftly expanding world. This requires back-end and Apps development, efficient interfaces and integration, strong IoT, Robotic Process Automation, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence acumen.


  • Life Sciences

    Triglav Digital has developed several collaborations with major actors of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry in the Benelux but also on an international level. These partnerships and this experience allow us to position ourselves as preferred supplier for all functions related to the Life Sciences sector : IT, Technical & Engineering (Maintenance, HVAC, EHS, Qualification, Validation…), Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Support (Marketing, Finance, HR, Administration, Sales, Communication…), Medical & Clinical, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain & Logistics, Production, R&D, etc.








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IT Recruiter @ Triglav Digital
IT Recruiter @ Triglav Digital
IT Recruiter @ Triglav Digital
IT Recruiter @ Triglav Digital