Onepoint Belgium

In our world of data, design, platforms and supercollectives, we are architects of the transformation of companies and the modernization of public administrations, from strategic vision to operational implementation. Bold, authentic, open, elegant and committed architects. The organization of our expertises into open communities enables us to bring a unique value proposition to our clients with our ability to lead end-to-end projects, from strategy to implementation, relying on cutting edge tech and business skills.

By being audacious and going beyond the obvious, we want to help each of our clients to design, in concrete terms, a path to the future. We want to create new ways of working, new business models and new places. Every day, we get up in the morning to design a new world. This is what defines our raison d'être - Design a new world - and our catchphrase: Beyond the obvious.

Today, onepoint has 2300 employees across 14 offices over the world: Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon, New-York, Brussels, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Montreal, Tunis and Zele.

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