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Post date Author Category Body Stats
Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe
.Net Evangelist and Agile Coach at Pyxis Technologies Belgium

Considering the following structure

227 answers
76 good - 151 bad
Samuel Cremer

What is the value of b after this code?

719 answers
342 good - 377 bad
Isabelle Boulogne
Network & Infrastructure

What’s the broadcast address of the network?

624 answers
501 good - 123 bad
Charles Sabourdin
Devops / Architect Freelance at Kadena-K

Which sentence is true about this code ?


487 answers
333 good - 154 bad
21.08.2019 IT Student

Regarding hash functions, what is a fingerprint ?

97 answers
36 good - 61 bad
Geoffrey Vandiest
Chief Technical Architect Gas Flow Management at Fluxsys

What is polymorphism in object-oriented programming ?

239 answers
155 good - 84 bad
Sylvain Lefebvre

We would like to declare a list whose elements are lists of any type.

263 answers
8 good - 255 bad
Daniel Penninck
Software Architect at Smals

Select words that are not Java Language Keywords ?

236 answers
34 good - 202 bad
Mercedes Ruiz Carreira
Associate Professor at Universidad de Cádiz
Project Management

The Earned Value is:

347 answers
190 good - 157 bad
Geoffrey Vandiest
Chief Technical Architect Gas Flow Management at Fluxsys

What is the meaning of IL?

242 answers
184 good - 58 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel - VUB

Which products should be created during contextual task analysis?

961 answers
291 good - 670 bad
Martine George
Professor of Management Practice at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Big data management

In the following cases, one data technology (Q, U or S) is most appropriate for each of the...

992 answers
396 good - 596 bad
Pierre Bettens
IT Teacher - Maitre-Assistant at ESI

Which of these literals are int ?

284 answers
40 good - 244 bad
Rodrigo Manzanares
Embedded SW Engineer at Dekimo

Function parameters and local variables are stored in the memory section:

92 answers
44 good - 48 bad
Gilles Flisch
Microsoft Tailor Made Development Manager at Elia

With Entity Framework, I f I want to retrieve the list of all the persons and their contracts...

86 answers
58 good - 28 bad
Bernd Müller
Co-organizer JUG Ostfalen & Professor for Computer Science at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

Is it possible to change the byte code of an already loaded class inside the virtual machine?

73 answers
13 good - 60 bad
François Lechat
Senior Consultant at Intys FSA

What are the mandatory skills in the Development Team ?

245 answers
52 good - 193 bad
Pierre Bettens
IT Teacher - Maitre-Assistant at ESI

What is the output of this code ?

524 answers
406 good - 118 bad
Frédéric Hubin
Blockchain Integration Expert at neofacto

What is the purpose of the transient keyword in a variable declaration?

450 answers
337 good - 113 bad
Suzanne Kieffer
Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel - VUB

For which type of data is it possible to calculate the mean and median?

256 answers
170 good - 86 bad
Wassim Chegham
Angular Core Team and Head of OSS at SFEIR

How would you make sure that HTTP requests triggered by a click on a button are not executed too...

925 answers
807 good - 118 bad
Maxim Salnikov
Azure Developer Technical Lead at Microsoft

Consider the BrowserModule and CommonModule. Which statement(s) is/are correct?

454 answers
184 good - 270 bad
Michiel Wouters
.Net Trainer at VDAB

Entity Framework .Core only supports the Code-First approach

364 answers
106 good - 258 bad
Vassard Oweun
Consultant at SoftFluent

Quel conteneur XAML n'existe pas en WPF Core ?

76 answers
31 good - 45 bad
Patrick De Geynst
Chief Intelligence Officer at Satellit

What is Razor?

262 answers
244 good - 18 bad
Vassard Oweun
Consultant at SoftFluent

En Asp .Net MVC quel est la bonne syntaxe pour rediriger vers une autre vue d'un contrôleur

700 answers
312 good - 388 bad
Gilles Meyer
Freelance AI consultant at GMind analytics

The following interface definition ensures that:

601 answers
39 good - 562 bad
Kévin Chalet
Microsoft MVP at Freelance

What's the CLR type of an object of type 

575 answers
294 good - 281 bad
Stéphane Goudeau
Cloud Architect at Microsoft

Let’s extend the BDEntity Class

109 answers
21 good - 88 bad
Thierry Van den Berghe
Professor in ICT / Associate Dean for Research at ICHEC Brussels Management School
Business Analyst

As a business analyst, Tom has elicited a large set or requirements.

144 answers
113 good - 31 bad