Job Feed Requirements

  • Job's XML feed will be provided on a static link (URL).
  • One feed supply all the job's data of a company.
  • The following fields are needed in the feed (see at the end for the XML's structure):
    • Mandatory:
      • Unique job reference
      • Company name
      • Job title
      • Rôle description (role, profile and proposal can also be enclosed in the same field)
      • Profile description
      • Proposal description
      • Country (Belgium)
      • Area (Antwerpen, Brussel, Namur…)
      • Apply url or Apply email
    • Recommended:
      • Postal code
      • Locality
      • Address
    • Optional:
      • Function
      • Experience
      • Education
      • Contract Type
  • Please note that all jobs are reviewed by the EDITx before being validate. EDITx reserves the right to complete potential missing fields to improve the user experience.
  • Company's job postings will advertise legitimate open positions in a fully compliant manner in accordance with this Agreement. EDITx reserves the right to remove any job postings that we deem inappropriate in accordance with the Agreement.
  • User Experience (apply url): When a user clicks on "Apply" on the EDITx Website, the user will be navigated to that company's website (URL to be supplied with each posting); The applicant has the opportunity to create an account to track his/her applications. The applicant also has the opportunity to directly navigate to the company website.
  • Job's XML Feed will contain only the jobs to be posted.
  • Unique Job ID will be provided with each job posting.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <language iso="en"/>
        <role_description><![CDATA[ TEXT, HTML ]]></role_description>
        <profile_description><![CDATA[ TEXT, HTML ]]></profile_description>
        <proposal_description><![CDATA[ TEXT, HTML ]]></proposal_description>
            <country iso="BE"/>
            <area id="INT"/>
        <function id="INT"/>
        <experience id="INT"/>
        <education id="INT"/>
        <contract id="INT"/>
          <technology id="INT"/>
          <technology id="INT"/>
          <technology id="INT"/>



TEXT = free text, no html allowed

TEXT, HTML = free text, html allowed

<language/> : value allowed for the attribute iso: [en,fr,nl]

<reference/> : unique identifier of the job

application/url and application/email: optional and exclusive

<function>, <area>, <experience>, <education>, <contract>: INT = id from our attributes list.