Network Security Engineer Load Balancing (ENG)

What does this job entail?

KBC customers and colleagues count on our data centres operating smoothly and securely 24/7. As Network Engineer / System Engineer you will strengthen the team responsible for this.

Together we manage four data centres. Two In Belgium, located in Mechelen and Leuven, and two in Hungary, in Torokbalint and Baracska, near Budapest. You will have colleagues in both countries, which gives the job an interesting international dimension.

  • The Group Data Centre Network Team focuses on switching & routing, DDI and network management.
  • The Group Data Centre Network Security Team focuses on firewalling.
  • The Group Data Centre Network Application Delivery Team works on load balancing, volumetric DDoS protection, secure web gateways and network management and visibility.

Because the three teams work together closely, you will be involved in all these aspects. But your specific focus is Load Balancing, Volumetric DDoS protection and Secure Web Gateways.

You will also contribute to the day-to-day management of components, systems and networks, and you will be involved in all kinds of projects. So you will be able to use your expertise in many ways and you get to learn even more!


What do we expect from you?

  • You will work together with business stakeholders (your internal customers), IT architects and system engineers from other teams in projects concerning infrastructure and security. Your contribution will range from analysis or design to implementation and testing.
  • Just as your colleagues, you have all-round knowledge about CCNA/CCNP and a specific expertise. Yours will be Load Balancing and volumetric DDOS protection with F5 technology (at the level of infrastructure set-up, network design and object configuration).
  • You will be involved in the day-to-day management of various telecommunication and security components. This can include set-up, configuration, capacity management, monitoring new versions of functions, dealing with security risks or integrating components into existing infrastructure.
  • When new technical opportunities become available you will investigate whether they can optimise or automate some of our work.
  • You will analyse problems so we can resolve incidents quickly, and so you contribute to us continually improving our products and services.
  • You will contribute to our self-service offering for our internal customers. Any simple task they can do for themselves frees up time for to work on more challenging tasks.
  • We have a duty rota for urgent support outside office hours and you will take your turn in that.
  • Gradually you will take on other responsibilities and progress to a coordinating role.

Your key strengths?

  • You have a bachelor's or master's in IT and/or several years relevant experience. You want to extend your career in Network & Security.
  • Analysis is one of your unquestionable strengths.
  • Taking responsibility motivates you to organise your work efficiently to set priorities. You also enjoy working with others and you can delegate.
  • You communicate clearly in English. You are assertive yet diplomatic, you manage all this smoothly.
  • Just as your colleagues, you focus on results and working with others constructively.
  • You have experience with and/or very good knowledge of F5:
    • System & app services automation (Ansible/AS3)
    • AFM/DHD (L3-L4 DDOS)
  • You are very familiar with forward proxy tooling such as Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway or similar tools.
  • Even better if you are familiar with one or more of these! But don't worry, we will train you.
    • Firewalling, DMZ set-up and DNS
    • Troubleshooting
    • Routing & switching, basic networking services in large organisations
    • Scripting (Ansible, Python, Perl, Java, etc.)
    • Authentication and authorisation mechanisms and frameworks

What can we offer you?

  • As part of our team, we will give you ample opportunity to stay up to date with developments in the technology landscape, so you can become a true expert.
  • With us at KBC you can expect superb onboarding, very friendly colleagues and a great atmosphere at work.
  • Throughout your career at KBC we will encourage you to continually grow as a person and as a professional. You can follow training courses to further hone your hard and soft skills.
  • Once in this role, you will find many opportunities to advance your career.
  • Our offices are easy to reach by public transport, and you can work from home some of the time if you prefer.
  • Flexible working hours help you to create a good work-life balance.
  • We will offer you a permanent contract and a competitive salary, with additional non-statutory benefits. Sounds familiar? Of course, you read this in every job ad. KBC makes the difference for you with an extensive flex package. Too extensive to explain here. We will be happy to discuss the various benefits – large and small – with you during your interview.