IT Projectleider

As IT Project Leader Infrastructure you are responsible for the management and implementation of IT projects aimed at developing technological solutions with a view to an optimisation of the organisational processes within the Infrastructure domain.

Your job responsibilities include among other things:

- Defining the scope and analysing the impact of projects to get a clear image of the needs and objectives to be reached.
- Determining the project description, magnitude and objectives (Project Notification, Project Charter)
- Assessing costs, planning and suspected project duration
- Identifying the necessary means and staff
- Listing project risks and how to limit these
- Checking the feasibility and concrete elaboration with various involved parties
- Making sure that the necessary resources are present at the right moment, in consultation with the Team leaders, so that the project can be delivered in time and efficiently.
- Continuously following up the planning and if necessary adjusting it, in order to realise the project within the set criteria and milestones (time, budget, quality ...).
- Guiding, motivating and managing project members. Ensuring a good collaboration between the project members, as well as being available for any problems or questions and dealing with these in a suitable manner, in consultation with the Team leaders.
- Communicating timely and in a correct manner with the different involved parties
- Keeping up project information and progress in a structured manner, accurately documenting and reporting to make sure that the projects meets the organisational requirements, methodology and quality standards.


- A in depth knowledge of IT infrastructure
- Several years of expertise in IT Projectmanagement
- Great leadership capabilities
- Fluent English