IT Recruitment Challenge Belgium 2022

IT technical knowledge for IT recruitment

I’ve noticed that you listed the following framework/technology X on your resume. How is it used? Is it a good choice?

Think about a programming project decision you made that was not ideal. Why do you think it was a mistake? Why did it happen? 

Conducting a recruitment interview for a company is never an easy task and even more challenging for IT recruitment.  Recruiters must be open, enthusiastic, and have the ability to negotiate confidently. Recruiters need to be proficient at sourcing, at screening, at reviewing, and understanding the needs of clients.  Along with that, IT Recruiters need technical knowledge. They do need to eventually understand technology and technical roles and skills. This allows them to better source, screen  and find the right expert for the job.

The 2nd edition of the IT Recruitment Challenge is designed for IT recruiters with an Intermediate technical level. The questions are about:

  • Programming languages
  • Librairies
  • Frameworks
  • Databases
  • ....

Important: Non IT recruiters or beginners should definitely participate for one of the following reasons.

  • To discover IT recruitment
  • To strengthen your skills
  • Or just by curiosity
  • ...

We are glad to see people interested in testing their knowledge and self-development. The scores are released confidentially to you at the end of the challenge. It is an online quiz!

Rules of the challenge

The comptetition takes place online. You only need to register on EDITx.

How is the challenge organized?

You will have 5 minutes to give the correct answer to as many questions as you can (up to 15). The Challenge consists of a set of multiple-choice questions with one or several good answers.

wrong answer or a skipped answer results in a score of 0.

In case of a tie, the timeframe to answer the questions will determine the order in the leaderboard.

You can skip questions and come back on the skipped questions before ending the quiz!

The results will be released privately to each user at the end of the challenge. The name and firstname of the Top 20 best participants will be displayed in the leaderboard. 

Data privacy & information sharing


We really do not want to disqualify you, but sadly we will have to, if we notice problems with the following rules or behaviour:

  • Participants must be over 18 years old
  • Participants must be active in Staffing and Recruiting and located in Belgium to win the prizes.
  • Only one registration per person (using only one profile per person) is authorized
  • The participant can only compete in his own name and not for someone else.
  • Personal information of the participant may be checked through different sources. Personal information must be accurate. Inaccurate or false information given by the participant will nullify the registration or entail the loss of any prize.
  • Communicating and/or publishing any kind of sensitive data, questions or solutions in relation with the Challenge, and sharing this information directly or indirectly with any other contestant before the Challenge has been closed
  • Attempting to damage the website or taking actions that may have a negative impact on the normal process/operating procedure of the Challenge. Incidentally, this may also be considered as a legal violation, and the organizer reserves the right to initiate a legal procedure and claim damages before the court
  • Taking any action in violation of the copyrights/IP that belong to the authors of the questions, the members of the jury, and the EDITx IT educators community