Finals Cloud Challenge by Capgemini - Individual Challenge
19/04/2023 to 20/04/2023
7 minutes

Take your passion for Cloud to the next level!

This are the finals of the Capgemini Cloud challenge 2023 with the best contesters of the first online round. The finals consist of a group and an individual challenge. 

On this page you can take part in the Individual Challenge and answer all questions during the live quiz. 

Note: This challenge page will only be accessible for the finalists on 20/04/2023. 

Congrats and good luck to all of them!

Jury and ambassadors

Michiel Staessen
Software Architect .NET and Azure
Capgemini Belgium
Danny Provost
Move to Cloud leader
Capgemini Belgium
Danny De Paepe
Tower Lead Cloud CIS
Kathleen Hens
Chief Operating Officer
Capgemini Belgium
Dries Peeters
Capgemini Belgium
Hubert Beaucarne
Sales Director
CIS Belgium
Paul Vanderborght
Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services
Pieter Gevers
Solution architect/Cloud community lead/Senior Manager
Capgemini Belgium
Andy Holvoet

Everyone has to answer the questions by login in to their profile on EDITx.

You will have to give the correct answer to 10 questions with a time limit per question.

  • Only 1 correct answer per question;
  • A good answer gives you 1 point;
  • A wrong answer or skipped answer results in a score of 0;
  • The time does count for this part.

No additional data privacy & information sharing terms.