Final Xylos O365 Challenge 2021-2022
27/04/2022 to 28/04/2022
10 minutes

The professional world has many digital challenges. Every day, Xylos determines the crucial role for IT staff. Your skills keep employees productive. Your drive keeps organizations going.

Students and professionals compete in separate categories.

The best participants are playing the final on 28/04/2022. 

Prizes to win


1) Philips 2200 EP2224/10 koffiemachine
2) Sony SRS-XB43
3) Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit
4) Netgear PLW1000 - Wifi
5) Coolblue Voucher €50


1) Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Watch4
2) Sony SRS-XB43
3) Microsoft Examen (PL900 of MS 900)
4) Coolblue Voucher €50
5) Meelopen met consultant + lunch

Jury and ambassadors

Hans Santens
Senior SharePoint Consultant
Steven Moens
Operations Manager
Tom Heylen
Senior O365 Consultant
Ward Wilmsen
O365 Development - Interest Group Lead
Eddy Feys
Senior O365 Functional Consultant

You will have 10 minutes to give the correct answer to 10 questions. The questions will be multiple-choice with one or several good answers. 

The online test contains 15 questions with 1 level of difficulty and an associated score of 1 point, if answered correctly.

wrong answer results in a score of 0. 

When you skip a question, you win nor lose points. 

The total score will be the cumulative score of all questions answered within the set timeframe of 10 minutes.

About Xylos

Xylos has been transforming companies for 35 years. Our technical expertise is grounded in years of IT, ICT and IoT experience. From successful digitization, realizing cloud migrations, and furnishing modern workplaces to building smart web applications for customers: our Xylossers do it all, with passion and with a vision for the future. 

Xylos continues to innovate and inspire even during these exponential times. Our groundbreaking approach never loses sight of one crucial factor of digitization: people.

The Xylos Collaboration team ensures advanced productivity and progressive communication for our customers. They ensure streamlined migrations to SharePoint and Office 365, build Power Apps and platforms ... In short, they make our fantastic customers future-proof. 

The unique combination of technical expertise, digital strategy and human insight results in success stories at Xylos.  The Collaboration team is expanding further to continue these success stories.

Maybe YOU will soon become our colleague?