Digital transformation & energy transition challenge  by Fluxys
18/04/2022 to 10/06/2022
10 minutes

1st : 500€ e-commerce voucher

2nd : 250€ e-commerce voucher

3rd : 125€ e-commerce voucher

4th - 5th: 75€ e-commerce voucher

These prizes will be given to both categories (Students and Professionals)

The Digital transformation & energy transition challenge is a quiz designed to inspire you as current or future Business Analyst / Project Manager / Energy transition engineer / Innovation engineer.

Are you an engineer or analyst (business, project, data, innovation) or are you interested in the ongoing energy transition? Fluxys offers you this inspiring challenge !


For Students & Professionals located in Belgium.

The first round is played online. Students and professionals will compete in separate leagues so everyone gets a fair chance to compete to be crowned Belgian Student or Professional Digital Transformation Champion.

Registration is free and open during the entire duration of the Challenge.

At the end of the online round, there will be a final at the Headquarter of FLUXYS in Brussels (21/6 at 18:00).

The top 15 of each category (professionals and students) will be invited.

Prizes to win: e-commerce vouchers from 75€ to 500€


About Fluxys

The energy transition requires all of us to work towards the goal of carbon neutrality. Fluxys fully supports the climate goals set out in the Paris agreement and the European Green Deal, and we are pressing ahead to enable a 100% carbon neutral energy system by 2050. Human ingenuity, entrepreneurship and teamwork will get us there.

More information of how Fluxys enables the Energy Transition process here.



Jury and ambassadors

Erik Vennekens
Chief Digital Officer
Wim Troost
Digital Lounge
Raphael De Winter
Director Business Development
Benoit Lagrange
ICT Applications Manager
Laurent Remy
Spokesperson and Business Intelligence Manager

You will have 10 minutes to give the correct answer to 20 multiple-choice questions.

When you skip a question or give a wrong answer, you win nor lose points. The total score will be the cumulative score of all questions answered within the set timeframe of 10 minutes.

In case of a tie, the timeframe to answer the questions will determine the order in the leaderboard.

After you complete the Challenge, you will see your result for the Challenge immediately under "My scores" (but not the details). The details of your score and your ranking will be released in your userboard at the end of the Online Challenge so that the answers cannot be shared among players during the Challenge.


By registering for this challenge, you agree to the transfer of your data to Fluxys.

The following personal data about the participants will be collected and processed:

  • Profile
  • Score
  • Country & Location
  • Email & Mobile number

Personal data is collected and processed by Fluxys for the following uses:

  • To enable and oversee the fair competition process
  • To set up the ranking & Leaderboard
  • To contact the participants and released the scores privately
  • To inform the participants about Career opportunities at Fluxys
  • To contact the winners and deliver the prizes


Qualification and Disqualification

We really do not want to disqualify you, but sadly we will have to, if we notice problems with the following rules or behaviour:

  • Participants must be over 18 years old and be residents in Belgium to be invited to the finals and to be able to win the prizes.
  • Fluxys employees are allowed to participate but can not win the prizes
  • Only one registration per person (using only one profile per person) is authorized
  • The participant can only compete in his own name and not for someone else.
  • Personal information of the participant may be checked through different sources. Personal information must be accurate. Inaccurate or false information given by the participant will nullify the registration or entail the loss of any prize.