DEVFEST Mons 2022
16/12/2022 to 17/12/2022
5 minutes

Google home & Devfest goodies

17 décembre 2022

UMONS - Grands Amphithéâtres (auditoire Van Gogh), Av. du Champ de Mars, 7000 Mons

Programme et réservation des billets ici :



Only participants of the DEVFEST MONS 2022 can participate to this quiz on 17 december 2022 during the event!

You will be invited to participate during the DEVFEST.


Scores calculation :

You will have to give the correct answer to 10 questions in maximum 5 minutes!

  • A good answer gives you 1 point
  • A wrong answer or skipped answer results in a score of 0

You can skip questions and come back to the skipped questions later.

Time counts!


The following personal data about the participants will be collected by EDITx: first name, last name, address, date of birth, email, telephone/mobile number and Linkedin profile (if present). Personal data are used for the following purposes:

  • To see if everything runs according to the rules
  • To set up the statboard & leaderboard at the end of the Challenge

EDITx shares the personal information of the participants only with the challenge partners : the organisation of the DEVFEST Mons 2022.