Data 4 Good Challenge

Data crunching meets business strategy and technology! Data Science & AI is a multi-faceted industry which requires communication and social responsibility on top of well-built strategies and cutting-edge technologies. 

The Data 4 Good Challenge is exactly what we propose to showcase this idea.


The 2022 edition connects students from all education programs, together with experts in Big Data, Consultancy, Public Speaking, IT, Machine Learning,...  and Business Strategy as well as NGOs and development aid workers. 

The event takes place on November 24 (the whole day from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm), and the main locations are the Irish College Leuven and the OHL stadium in Heverlee. More information can be found in the description on our social event pages. Detailed venue guidelines will be shared closer to the day.



To start of the day, students will enjoy a hands-on workshop by one of many partners, on top of Manu networking opportunities. 

After a free lunch, students will work in groups of 4 to solve a Data & Strategy case under the guidance of our corporate partners.

Finally, all groups will pitch their case and solution to our partner-jury and a winner will be crowned!


D4GC is a golden opportunity to expand your network and find recruitment chances with industry leading companies.

Many networking opportunities will present themselves!

Rules of the challenge

Data privacy & information sharing