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Business Analyst Challenge Belgium 2018

The Business Analyst Challenge Belgium is a Challenge designed to inspire creative and dynamic Business Analyst Students & Professionals located in Belgium.

The first round is played online. Students and professionals will compete in separate leagues so everyone gets a fair chance to compete to be crowned Belgian Student or Pro Business Analyst Champion.

Registration is free and open during the entire duration of the Challenge.

At the end of the online round, there will be a final at the Headquarter of Infrabel in Brussels. The top 10 of each category (professionals and students) will be invited.

Members of the jury & Generous Contributors of this challenge:

Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at Haute École Provinciale de Hainaut - Condorcet
Philippe Dekimpe
Patrick Konix
Team Lead Business Competence Center at Infrabel
André Lorge
Quentin Lurkin
Thanh-Diane Nguyen
Teaching Assistant at Louvain School of Management
Marc Scherpereel
ICT BI & Business Analytics Expert at Infrabel
Caroline Surmont
Teamlead Functional Supply & Maintenance (SAP) at Infrabel
Thierry Van den Berghe
Professor in ICT / Associate Dean for Research at ICHEC Brussels Management School
Nadine Vanherbergen
BCC PM Teamlead at Infrabel
Sébastien d'Oreye
Terms and Conditions: 

Scores calculation and Jokers:

Registration is free and open during the entire duration of the challenge. You will have 15 minutes to give the correct answer to as many questions as you can. The questions will be multiple-choice with one or several good answers.

The challenge contains maximum 18 questions with 3 levels of difficulty: 8 easy questions, 6 medium questions and 4 difficult questions with an associated score 1, 2 or 3 points, if answered correctly. 

A wrong answer results in a score of (-1) irrespective the level of the question. The total score will be the cumulative score of all questions answered within the set timeframe of 15 minutes. 

When you skip a question, you win nor lose points.

Be strategic!

The contest allows the use of three ‘jokers’:

  • The "50/50", forcing the on-line test to take out half of the possible answers to a question,
  • The "Ask the challengers", where the percentage of the other challengers choosing each answer is displayed to you and
  • The "Bonus question / Ask a friend", in which the challenger sends a bonus question (after the regular 15 minutes) to a friend during the 6-week Challenge, after which the friend provides input and the score is adapted accordingly.

Results, Data privacy & Information Sharing

After you complete the Challenge, you will see your result for the Challenge immediately, but not the answers. The details of your score and your ranking will be released in your userboard at the end of the Challenge so that the answers cannot be shared among players during the Challenge.

The Challenge runs on a secure platform managed by EDITx. The following personal data about the participants will be collected by EDITx: first name, last name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number and Linkedin profile (if present). Personal data are used for the following purposes:

  • To monitor the correct competition process
  • To analyse and optimise EDITx
  • To set up the statboard & leaderboard at the end of the Challenge

EDITx shares the personal information (last name, first name, mobile and email) of the participants with, and only with the company Infrabel, and any governmental agency or authority in Belgium, should they request it (in case of irregularities).

Infrabel will use this information for the following purposes:

  • To contact all participants to share challenge results
  • To contact the top three participants to award them prizes
  • To contact participants about future intern or job opportunities with the sponsor

About the Sponsor


Infrabel builds, maintains and renews the railway infrastructure in Belgium: tracks, points, bridges, tunnels, level crossings and signals. We also coordinate all the trains running on our network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We carry more than 600,000 passengers a day and 50 million tonnes of goods a year safely to their destination. 

Business Analyst

In order to guarantee the coordination and the implementation of IT solutions within Infrabel, we need a Business Analyst. This employee must be able to understand and analyse the needs of the different Businesses, support the various IT technical offices in project-related workshops and propose process improvements related to these various projects.

Qualification and Disqualification

We really do not want to disqualify you, but sadly we will have to if we catch you doing any of the following:

  • Participants must be over 18 years old and be residents of Belgium to be invited to win the prizes.
  • Having more than 3 years of work experience if you play in the young pro category.
  • Only one registration per person is authorized.
  • The participant can only compete in their own name and not for someone else.
  • Personal information of the participant may be checked through different sources. Personal information must be accurate. Inaccurate or false information given by the participant will nullify the registration or entail the loss of the Prize.
  • Communicating and/or publishing any kind of data, questions or solutions in liaison with the challenge, and sharing this information directly or indirectly with any other contestant before the challenge has been closed;
  • Attempting to damage the website or taking action that may have a negative impact on the normal process/operating procedure of the challenge. Incidentally, this may also be considered as a legal violation, and the organizer reserves the right to initiate a legal procedure and claim damages before the court.
  • Taking any action in violation of the copyrights/IP that belong to the authors of the questions, the members of the jury, and the EDITx IT educators community.
  • Having multiple profiles while participating in the Challenge.

EDITx Regulation and general conditions

Cookies, intellectual property, data privacy, responsibility, applicable law and court jurisdiction: for more information, see Challenge terms, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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From 24/09/2018 to 02/11/2018

Challenge closed !

Time to complete:
Maximum 900 seconds
Number of questions:
Bonus available:
  • 50-50
  • Ask the challengers
  • Ask a friend
First prize:
  • 1st Place: Electric Bike
  • 2nd Place: Electric Scooter
  • Other Finalists: 2 Tickets Eurostar/Thalys