Helpdesk Support

Anankei is looking for an motivated Helpdesk support.
You will receive, log, categorize, treat, solve or escalate requests, questions and incidents from users.

Your daily activities include:

  • Record user’s request in the appropriate tool
  • Categorize the request
  • Position the criticality according to defined grids
  • Treat delayed requests in order to be within the MRT (Maximum Response Time)
  • Follow the request until answer has been provided and agreed as satisfying by the user
  • Gather the user’s information and determine the user’s issue by analyzing the symptoms and discovering the underlying problem
  • Sort through the possible solutions available (as scripts) and apply the most appropriate one
  • Transfer the request and all gathered information to the next level (second or third line) for further investigation if necessary


  • While a prior experience in a similar function is preferred, it isn't a must have.
  • We'll select the candidate on his personality, his motivation and the candidate's communication skills.
  • You must be fluent in Dutch, English and French though!

Don't hesitate to apply!