For my customer located in the Walloon Brabant I'm continually looking for FREELANCE TRILINGUAL service desk and Onsite support engineer.

This consultancy company is a specialist in big scale rollout projects and other big, the advantage for you is to work in big end-customers IT environment (15-20K computers) and grow in skills in a wink of the eye wink of the eye.

The CEO of the company insists on the conviviality aspect of the job, so even as freelancer/contractor you are part of the family and Everyone know each other.

You will absolutely not be considered a number. By the way, the company has +/- 100 IT employees and 70 freelance/contractors.

The management is easy to reach and your next certification can be paid by them if you don't invoice on that day.


The responsibilities (other jobs for 2/3rd Line are also available)

  1. Analyse and solve problems Second Line

- Helping users.

- Solve individually documented and undocumented problems, and interpret certain situations to give the solution.

- In case of non-resolution of the problem or for cases outside their competence that are not in the Knowledge Database

- The Knowledge Database, dispatch the problems that cannot be solved immediately to the Expert IT-Services Engineers or IT-Solutions Engineers / Developers.


  1. Knowledge Management

- Transfer knowledge (of the customer, the business, the technique, the offer, the method and the reusable reusable components).

- Establish the technical part of the reusable material (precise and complete documentation).

- Update the Knowledge Database.

- Develop your knowledge:

- By participating in seminars

- Through technical trainings

- Reading specialized magazines, brochures, etc.

- Via newsgroups / knowledge databases


  1. Administrative management

▪ Completing activity reports and diaries in a timely manner and in accordance with the guidelines in the company.

▪ Where applicable, complete real-time reporting and incidents in the incident management tool, including subcontractor interventions.

▪ Ensure the finality of each hardware change following an intervention/installation/migration, to ensure that the hardware inventory or software license is updated for the proper maintenance of the computer fleet.

▪ Regularly update personal resume.

▪ If required by the operation of the department or organization as a whole, additional duties temporary may be added.



You profile

Ability to assess a situation, develop alternative solutions and to take action.

Approaches a less complex situation or problem in the course of his/her

from several points of view; gathers information from several sources.

➢ Distinguishes between important elements and details; perceives connections.

➢ Develops a workable solution and puts it into practice.

Responds in a controlled, appropriate and effective manner to stressful situations, even when they occur in new environments.

Relativizes obstacles that complicate work.

Demonstrates composure in relation to his/her environment.


Verbal Communication :

Ability to express ideas and opinions in clear language so that the message is that the message is understood by the target group.

Can convey simple messages in a fluent, correct and structured manner to small groups of people, even if they do not have the same background as him/her.

Ability to defend one's own opinions and own vision in a constructive manner.

Defends own opinions, also towards colleagues/colleagues with expertise, experience and/or seniority.

Ability to discern ideas, feelings and concerns of others, to understand and others, to understand them and to take them take them into account.

Perceives not only the clear and explicit signals of others, but also understands their thoughts, feelings and concerns in general terms.


Degree: Bachelor or equivalent experience

o Experience: 2-3 years

o Knowledge:

▪ Languages: spoken and written FR/NL, spoken UK


Problem solving

Balance/stress resistance

Ability to control emotions, react in a balanced

Uses correct language.

and to continue to function well under pressure.

Expresses opinions in 'face-to-face' contacts.

Adapts his/her own behaviour to it.

function properly under pressure.






The offer

An IT local player specialised in big scale IT workplace project

Great environment to grow your skills on the next level and practice your languages skills