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Fluxys is a fully independent partner in the energy sector based in Belgium with more than 1300 people working on our expansion – both into ingenious solutions in green energy and into new geographies - beyond Belgium and Europe.

As part of its digital transformation, Fluxys set up a Digital Lounge, taking an innovative approach, that will bring digital products to market in the form of MVP (e.g. using artificial intelligence to improve our operations, developing an app to enhance the interface with our customers and deploying virtual reality to train our teams). To this end, the Digital Lounge will bring together people from different backgrounds through agile and design thinking methodologies. These colleagues will then promote the successful products outside the Digital Lounge. 

Our ICT Applications division also supports Fluxys' various business activities. Within our ICT department, you will be able to support the digitalisation programme launched by Fluxys to prepare for changes on the energy market (including the development of its hydrogen and CO2 transmission activities) by implementing one or more projects in these 3 core domains:

  • General Applications deals with the Group's non-gas-related activities (e.g. the Smart Data Factory supporting business intelligence initiatives from across the Group)
  • Asset Management handles Fluxys' gas assets (e.g. the development of mobile applications supporting the work of our staff in the field)
  • Gas Flow Management focuses on the commercial operation of the network (e.g. the expansion of our commercial software suite to prepare for new gases).

Join us in our mission to bring the energy transition forward ! At Fluxys, you will discover a challenging working environment which values commitment, teamwork, agility and the continuous search for better ways of doing things.

ICT Jobs

Technical Architect

Application/Solution Architect, SOA Specialist

Functional / Business Analyst

Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Process Analyst

Application Architect

Application/Solution Architect

ICT Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure Architect, System Engineer / Administrator

ICT Project Leader

Business Analyst, Consultant (Specialist), Project / Program Manager, Product Owner / Manager

Windows Engineer

Field / Maintenance Engineer, System Engineer / Administrator

Infrastructure Lead

Application/Solution Architect, Infrastructure Architect

Automation Specialist

Incident & Problem Manager, Field / Maintenance Engineer

Technical Architect

Software Administrator, Technical Analyst, Application/Solution Architect

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