Cybersecurity Young Graduate

Sorry, but your password needs to include a capital letter, a combination of letters and numbers, a symbol, a haiku, a hieroglyph, and the tear of a family member ... Passwords are frustrating for a lot of people, but they’re an important part of cybersecurity. You really do need a password that is stronger than Natasha Romanova and a better-kept secret than the recipe for Coca-Cola.

If you’re already convinced of this, then we’re on the same wavelength. Cybersecurity is a top priority at KBC. Of course, this means reacting to more than just weak passwords and phishing. Our teams are committed to all aspects of cybersecurity. We owe it to our clients and our staff members.

Working with us, you’ll immerse yourself in one or more sub-domains of cybersecurity. You’ll be given the space to develop and become an expert.

What will you do?
As a cybersecurity officer at KBC, you immerse yourself in one or more of the following domains. With the help of your colleagues, you develop into a true expert.

  • Diverse teams take care of anything and everything that relates to informationsecurity. We dive into the logs, searching for technical or functional signals that pointto the presence of hackers or their attempts to force their way into our systems.
  • Other specialists track down identity fraud in our payment applications. Despite this,an ever-increasing number of people are still falling victim to phishing. Our clientscount on us, as a bank, to protect them.
  • Crypto plays an important role in our functioning. It secures data and adds to thesecurity under which payments are made. Our crypto team provides the rightsolutions for our IT team, ensuring they are able to do their work correctly.
  • Of course, we also perform identity and access management for our Belgian entitiesand branches in other countries.
  • To keep an eye on all possible threats, we have a team that collects and analysesinformation: this is the Cyber Threat Intelligence team.
  • As well as this, we have all sorts of services and solutions that fall under vulnerabilitymanagement. We also support our colleagues from IT and business stakeholders withknowledge and advice on cybersecurity.

What appeals to you the most? Let us know.

Are these your strengths?

  • You have a background in IT and have already taken your first steps in the domain ofcybersecurity. You’re interested in learning much more about it in order to build upknowledge that is both broad and deep.
  • You are like your colleagues: you love working together and achieving goals as ateam.
  • You communicate fluently in Dutch and in English.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with colleagues.
  • You efficiently organise your work and take deadlines in your stride. You set prioritiesand request help from colleagues when it's needed.

Why choose this job?

  • KBC innovates continuously. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloudcomputing, wearables, and the list goes on. There’s a good chance that you’ll comeinto contact with one of these areas and think about the related cybersecurity issues.
  • We offer you an exceptional range of training and development opportunities so thatyou can develop your full potential. You are encouraged to keep growing as a personand professionally.
  • You will receive a permanent contract with a competitive salary, including anextensive package of additional benefits.
  • Our offices are easily accessible by public transport. You can also work partly fromhome if you like, even when the covid-related regulations are no longer in place.
  • We value a good balance between your work and private life. This is one of thereasons we were awarded the Top Employer 2021 certificate. We’ll happily sharesome other reasons with you during an interview.