Management Consulting

Brussels & Antwerp


A European consultancy company with pragmatic hands-on senior change enterprise architects, change managers and program managers bridging business and ICT and bringing real value to various multi-national clients (financial services, automotive, insurance, utilities, telecom).

XPLUS is located in Luxembourg, Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris)

Our Core Digital Transformation Services:

  • ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE - Business and IT Masterplan, Technology on a Page, Digital and Omnichannel Strategy, TOM definition
  • DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE - Functional and Technical Solution Architecture, Software Architecture and Design, Enterprise Integration Solutions, Microservices, IoT, AI and Big Data
  • ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE & AGILE - Organisation Blueprint and Change Management, Scalable Agile and Spotify alike Organisational Change, Agile Coaching and Implementation, Performance Management
  • ANALYSIS & DELIVERY - Program and Project Management


Transform into a change champion with the XPLUS Academy

Learn how to become an architect or program manager who knows how to deal with structural change. The XPLUS Academy is dedicated to upskilling or reskilling you to better meet the needs of change projects with lasting results.