Information Services
21 - 50

Chée de Waterloosestwg 870, 1180 Bruxelles


/01 Mobility 

We designed a flexible mobility policy that can be adapted to your habits and values. It’s no longer a big car or public transportation but a mobility budget that you can spend your way.

/02 Salary

By working at Satellit, sure, we’ll pay you on a regular basis, but the benefits extend far beyond an electronic deposit in your bank account.

/03 Homeworking

At Satellit, we particularly pay attention to our people and their family. The work life balance is important and we therefore allow them to work from home when it is possible.

/04 Evolution

At Satellit, we give you the opportunity to manage the evolution of your career and to decide which role will fit you the best, in regards with your preferences. 

Our culture is definitely open and, well… geek.