Cobol Developer

Create, test and implement ICT programs; guarantee the quality, user-friendliness and performance of the integrated systems and play a reference role in the development environment to deliver high-quality systems that meet the known and predefined standards within the agreed schedule.

Main responsibilities:

1. System Development Write, improve and test programs based on detailed analysis; perform integration, regression and performance tests to check the coherence and interaction with the other components of the applications.

2. Technical design Translate the functional analysis into a technical analysis to create a framework within which the system will be realized and prepare a global and documented technical analysis.

3. Acceptance Tests Support the IT team in the development of an acceptance test environment and support the users in performing those tests; critically analyze the results of this and make the necessary adjustments (or have them made).

4. Implementation Implementation and follow-up of the novelties (programs, documentation, ...), taking into account possible interactions with other domains and after agreement of the business; provide technical support in the implementation of key projects.

Must Have:

    * A1 or university degree in computer science or equivalent through experience in a similar position
    * Experience with drawing up a technical analysis (preferably UML)
    * Experience with development in mainframe environment (COBOL, PL/1, DB2, Datacom, CICS, …)
    * Knowledge of test methodology
    * Proactive
    * Communicative
    * Stress resistant