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Create your tech challenge with EDITx

  1. Build up and enhance your credibility in a specific technology.
    Choosing the right technology is the first step: Machine learning, Algorithm, Java, DotNet, IT Student Challenge, BI, Database, PHP, CRM, everything is possible. All the stakeholders must be involved because a challenge provide a direct impact on employer branding, HR Resources and business revenue. We understand your vision to set up the rules of the challenge.
    Keywords: Technology, Country, Jury, Experts, Professors, Rules...
  2. Increase your visibility within the ICT market.
    Making sure that every participant have a unique experience and give feedback. IT jobs are not shared but a challenge goes viral. IT profiles firstly do it for fun and to benchmark themselves, then they become competitive. The good scores are shared with their friends and colleagues. The very good scores are posted on the networks, the best scores are released and shared via the leaderboard.
    Keywords: Marketing, Employer, Branding, Networking, Communication...
  3. Develop, qualify, and interact with a targeted talent Pool.
    By combining a tech challenge with employee recruitment, HR Recruiters are much closer to what IT profiles do daily. The challenge is created within a targeted audience. This causes the interesting IT guys to be "pulled" through an innovative gamified recruitment channel. A challenge is the most innovative and efficient HR engagement tool and give you access to an exclusive talent pool.
    Keywords: Audience, Profiles, Skills, Talent Pool, Recruitment, Engagement…
EDITx is an agile novative platform to easily:
  1. Create and brand an IT challenge
  2. Automatically generate and brand quizzes.
Two unique tools that allow you to buzz instantaneously and benchmark your company on the long term!
Create a challenge
Get started right away, it's fast and really easy to set up !

1. Create your branded IT Challenge

Create a strong interaction with IT talents by organizing a challenge within a tech that you master or within a tech that the market should know that you manage. Reach, attract and engage finest tech community on your desired IT expertise or process knowledge.

How EDITx creates your challenge ?

  • EDITx contact Academic experts and recognized pro’s into to set up interesting questions and play the role of Jury members
  • Display your questions randomly
  • Display a timer to limit answer time
  • Share in social media thereby driving lot of traffic and buzz to the challenge
  • Display scores of all participants, Manage prizes and winners. Community can express interest in your job openings while participating in the contest.

EDITx personnalize & communicate your challenge to the right profiles

  • Customize all visual elements & Add a background image
  • E-mails are personalized and send to the right audience

Publish your challenge on multiple channels

  • Activate the marketing buttons « Share my score », « Send to a friend », « top question »
  • Allow participants to invite their connections, via Facebook ou via LinkedIn
  • Publish your campaign on your web page, Facebook Page, Linkedin Page
  • Publish your campaign on Datanewsjobs website, Facebook Page, Linkedin Page
  • Display scores of all participants on your website

2. Quizzes are powered automatically before and after your challenge

Your company branded quizzes to engage your company with the community. Don’t stop me now!

  • Develop interactions with your community during twelve months
  • Increase your talent pool and community

How does it work? Automatically!

  • Quizzes are powered automatically before and after your challenge
  • Just indicate the number of questions, timing and level of each quizz
  • Generate the right answers and top scores in order to increase viral marketing
  • Display scores of all participants. Here again, community can express interest in your job openings while participating in the quizzes.

At the end, EDITx allows your company to benchmarkt its knowledge and interact withing the ICT industry on a short and long term process

Your branding is our challenge!

We answer your questions and solve your problems —we optimize your ROI by giving advices at any step of the process. Most importantly, we answer to all the questions of the participants and make sure that it will be a rich and joyful experience for the company as well as for any participant.