Business & Decision Benelux

Business & Decision is an international Information Services Company, specializing, since its creation, in operating and analyzing Data. 

Business & Decision deploys the most innovative services and solutions to support businesses in meeting major challenges of creating value to their organizations. Data Intelligence, Big Data, Data Governance, as foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Experience, are the areas of expertise and specialization of the Group.

ICT Jobs

Data Architect

Consultant (Specialist), Application/Solution Architect, Database Architect

Data Scientist

Data Analyst, Machine Learning Specialist

BI Consultant

Data Analyst, Consultant (Specialist), Big Data Engineer

CRM Solution Architect

Functional Analyst, Technical Analyst

Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer, Database Architect, Database Developer

Cloud Solution Architect

Application/Solution Architect

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IT Recruiter @ Business & Decision Benelux
IT Recruiter @ Business & Decision
IT Recruiter @ Business & Decision Benelux
IT Recruiter @ Business and Decision