BI Analyst - Marketing Analytics

A job at Proximus? You'll find that everything revolves around the idea 'Think Possible'. This means: we always assume that something is possible, even if it seems impossible. Well, especially so, actually. Call it a way of thinking that involves being open to a world of digital solutions that make our lives easier. And our way of working smarter.

  • You will be part of the Marketing Analytics team (within the Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence) whose aim is to exploit the databases in the Proximus DWH (Teradata/Hadoop) to guide direct marketing actions. The team is composed of a mix of people active in BI and Data Science activities and performing segmentation analyses, predictive models, tariff simulations and Power BI reports.
  • You discuss with the Marketing colleagues the analyses and developments to be carried out. Together with the analytical translators, you identify the analysis needs (what is the objective?, how the results will be used in practice?, what revenue will be generated?). You try, from the outset, to take a holistic view of all aspects of the analysis.
  • You translate these needs into data requirements. You are creative in finding data to address the business question (proxies). Thanks to your technical knowledge of scripting (sql, python), you are able to collect data in the datawarehouse (Teradata/Hadoop) and to transform it to make it speak ("features engineering"). You create the datamarts needed for your "use case" but you are also able to industrialize their creation to make them available to other team members. If the data is not available, you initiate the necessary DA requests with the IT teams.
  • You carry out the necessary analyses to answer the question that has been asked: customer segmentation, correlation analysis, creation of visual representations.
  • You will support, in duo with another analyst, the tariff simulation tools and ad hoc analyses for the simplification of the Proximus product portfolio (e.g. migration from Eagle Packs, migration to Fiber Packs, etc.).
  • In a longer term development vision, you will be able to create predictive or profiling models using a Data Science tool. You will be supported by team members in the use of this tool but you must have an affinity with statistical modelling concepts.
  • You will document your analyses and the processes you implement in the Proximus Wiki (DataPiazza).
  • You will present the results of your analyses in a format adapted to the audience (Powerpoint, Word,...).


  • Master's degree (or equivalent through experience) in quantitative analysis or economics or marketing or IT,...
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years' professional experience in an analytical business environment.
  • A strong interest in marketing activities and an excellent understanding of the Proximus business.
  • A very thorough knowledge of SQL (Teradata, Oracle) - to be applied in a Business Intelligence context.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of database management & datawarehouse.
  • Knowledge of Power BI.
  • Knowledge of Big Data tools (Python, Hadoop, Spark, ..) is a plus.
  • The qualities that are highly valued in the team are: dynamism, taking initiatives, autonomy, constructive spirit, quick learning, strong communication skills and result orientation.
  • Languages: French and/or Dutch and English.

Naturally we have a competitive salary package for you. But there is so much more!

  • We are 100% Belgian. So we make decisions in three languages. And all at the same time if you like!
  • We are open to everyone: M, W, X, and in fact all the other letters of the alphabet.
  • We encourage personal growth. At the Proximus Academy, you won't even want to miss a session.
  • We are, of course, committed to sustainability. What else did you think?
  • We firmly believe that working together is important, but that having fun together is even more so. That is why we regularly organise fun activities. (Please let us know if you have a talent for playing Santa Claus!)
  • We believe in responsibility. Also in yours. For example, you can take it to launch your own initiatives.
  • We put our customers first. And because we are all customers somewhere, you already know what that means. That's good.
  • And the ever-important work-life balance? We keep it in the right place.

In a nutshell … We offer you a job full of opportunities to grow and learn, a job that will push you forward, as you shape the digital future with us. And in doing so, you might achieve more than you thought possible. Are you a professional who thinks like this? Someone who sees solutions where others only see obstacles. Then you are a talent that can still grow with us. Every day.