Anankei's mission is to match ICT consultants to the needs of the business world. We accomplish this quickly and targeted with attention to the human aspect.

To us, the question 'Does this consultant fit in our company's culture?'‚Äč is as important to us as answering the specific technical profile request of the client.

What is the result of our unique approach? Loyal consultants and very satisfied clients.

ICT Jobs

Azure System Engineer (Junior)

System Engineer / Administrator

BI engineer focus Network Analytics

Technical Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Specialist

Network Relations Officer

Network / Telecom Engineer

Business Activity Monitoring Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Business Activity Monitoring UX/UI Developer

UX-UI Specialist

Data Architect

Functional Analyst, Consultant (Specialist), Big Data Engineer, Database Architect

Full Stack Developer

Developer / Programmer, Developer Fullstack

Senior Project Manager (Epic Owner)

Project / Program Manager, Team Leader

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