AI Translator

MbarQ believes in a fundamental new way of doing AI. Many organizations today are still struggling in truly scaling AI across the company. As a result, the true potential of smart data solutions is often untapped. MbarQ has a mission to bring business & AI technology together to achieve truly transformational results.  

MbarQ is a start-up that is part of the Bluu ecosystem, a Cronos cluster of companies. Bluu is a vibrant community of companies & start-ups all active in the area of digital transformation.  

We believe that digital transformation cannot be done without AI. With your help, we embark on a journey to guide our clients in the right direction. 

What will you do? 

As an AI translator you have a passion for data and love to make others enthusiastic about it! In this, you value the importance of taking a business/client centricity lens. Realizing business impact with AI is what drives you. 

You (aspire to) take a leading role in the AI innovation process, from identification of AI opportunities at clients, to conceptualizing the approach as well as managing the implementation in a project setting.  

You like to run workshops, interviews, etc. with business managers & practitioners in order to identify key opportunities to innovate their business/products/processes with AI. Once data-insights are achieved, you can turn them into a convincing story for our clients.   

You have attention for important aspects such as security, privacy and ethics when building data solutions. 

You are not necessarily the technical expert, but you do know the AI fundamentals in order to convey your ideas to AI architects, engineers and developers.

Who would we like to join our team? 

  • You can easily connect with a diverse set of people (business / technical, management / practitioners) 
  • You have experience in turning data insights into stories  
  • Knowledge of AI, the process of AI industrialization and the AI landscape is important 
  • You like to take responsibility within an end-2-end project setting. Project management experience is a plus. 
  • Consulting experience is a plus 
  • Knowledge about GDPR and related data privacy regulations is a plus 

What do we offer you? 

We combine the flexibility & joy-of-work of a start-up with the professionalism & job security of the largest IT-provider in belgium. It is a unique experience that we are more than happy to indulge you in. 

We offer you a fast-growing start-up where innovation & entrepreneurship are encouraged. You can make an impact on our future journey. 

We care about you and want to grow with you. Together, we work on a personalized development plan to strengthen your soft & hard skills.  

Backed by Cronos, we offer you an attractive salary including extralegal offers. 

Do you believe in our mission to bring business & AI together? If so, embark on our journey!