Agile Scrum Master

Job family:

Influence and guide in the behaviours of the Agile environment. Draws upon a deep understanding of Agile values, principles and methodology. Ensure Agile methods and process are followed as per the agreed Agile Operating model. Promote the usage of Agile practices and help teams to maximize value delivery through well understood Agile techniques.

General description:

Ensure the Agile team lives Agile values and principles, and follows the pre-agreed Agile processes and practices. Facilitate the work of the team, clears obstacles, helping the team to be more efficient and protect the team from outside interruptions and distractions.

Department “Platform Security” description:

The “Platform Security department” provides the engineering (platform, process and automation),  the management (configuration and life-cycle)  and support (24/7) for the security owned platforms needed for CISO to offer its services. 

 These services include : 
►    Internal security services : Webproxy, AV-Malware protection, IDS/IPS and firewall security management & optimization 
►    Customer security services : Application Reverse Proxy and Web Application firewalls 
►    PKI , Crypto and key management services.    


Work largely autonomously in complex situations, for example with multiple cross-domain dependencies or characterized by a high frequency of change or an important level of uncertainty.
Act as a roadblock-mover for the team.
Understand the agile principles and values. Involved in helping with the team’s intake (define and break down requirements and work items).
Bring the dynamic of continuous improvement in the team.
Coach their team, for example to make them more self-organizing
Share knowledge and support less experienced Scrum Master


Provide overall guidance for team to adhere to Agile principles and practices.
Guide an Agile team to efficiently deliver high value products
Coach the Agile team to adapt to an environment where Agile is not fully deployed/understood.
Interacts with people outside the Agile team to coach them in the Agile methodology to clarify how they can best contribute to the delivery team

Increase efficiency of Agile team though:

- organizing/facilitating scrum events & decision-making processes (sprint and release planning, identification of tasks, sizing effort, progress reporting, demo and retrospective)
- removing impediments (managing conflicting interests, negotiating inputs between different parties, proactively identifying issues and risks and adjusting scope, etc.)
Facilitate team transparency and share progress using the appropriate communication channels.
Plan and coordinate testing environment deployments and application / system integration testing.
Work with stakeholders and team members to continuously improve (quality, productivity).
Coach the team to be self-organized and cross-functionality as well as to adopt of Agile practices
Collect and analyses team KPIs (velocity, ...)
Follow-up, report and contribute to risks management (e.g. compliance, security, procurement/finance/licenses)
Ensure that deliverables follow guidelines and standards (e.g. documentation)
Conduct the team's planning sessions and translates them into capability plans
Provide guidelines to Product Owner to take on the PO role and manage the Product Backlog (with dependencies, ambiguity, volatility, architectural and infrastructural complexity)
Share impediments and corrective actions to Agile CoE



•    Experience in a scrum master role
•    Familiarity with software development
•    Excellent knowledge of Scrum techniques and artifacts (such as definition of done, user stories, automated testing, backlog refinement)
•    Good knowledge of other Agile frameworks (Crystal, XP etc.)
•    Excellent communication and servant leadership skills
•    Problem-solving and conflict-resolution ability
•    Outstanding organizational skills
•    Degree in Computer Science, Business or similar field
•    Scrum master certification is a plus
Do not miss this possibility to be part of the Agile transformation with a lot of responsibilities and autonomy. 

Soft skills

•    Customer service oriented.
•    You are a very good communicator in English, both verbal and written, and able to discuss and defend the security interests with individuals and groups of IT (security) experts. 
•    You are a team player who communicates in an open, respectful and constructive way with his customers and peers, both verbally and in writing. You will take ownership and ensure that organisational quality standards are met. 
•    Attention to (good) time management with the right sense for prioritisation. 
•    Reliable, stress resistant and flexible.