We understand that our talents drive our vision and fuel our successes.

This is why we create the conditions of excellence allowing each employee to feel supported, recognised and fulfilled throughout their career at Abylsen.


Since 2005, as an engineering consultancy for industry and services, we at Abylsen have been exploring new fields of innovation to achieve the objectives we share with our staff, our partners, and the wider world.

Our vocation has remained the same: to support our clients in their innovation, R&D, operational performance and digital projects.

We believe that generating value requires collective intelligence. We are constantly seeking fresh perspectives, a new angle, the little sidestep that will enable us to devise innovative solutions, driven by audacity and tailored to meet our customers’ priorities.





To stay ahead of the curve, we work our intuition like a muscle – keeping our fingers on the pulse and our ears to the ground. Those faint rumblings we detect? They’re just tomorrow’s big ideas, waiting to be amplified and shaped into your next big accomplishment.



We believe that it is by leaving no stone unturned that our experts are able to deliver concrete, actionable results. From the high-tech jungles to the fields of R&D, we draw from equal parts passion, rigor, and aspiration to find our way around.

And the bounty we collect along the way is what we contribute to our clients’ successes.



Thinking, daring, testing, and operating require a lot of latitude.

That’s why we at Abylsen believe in giving our talents the breathing space they need to implement their responsibilities to the fullest of their abilities.

Because working together towards our shared goals means we all grow from our successes, with ingenious, groundbreaking value-added solutions.



The team that learns together, builds together.

At Abylsen, collective intelligence goes hand-in-hand with co-construction: our talents bring their expertise into the mix, and we make sure to give them the best conditions in which to grow and evolve.

A constant exchange of ideas and skills forms the basis of our ecosystem, a source of value for the Group, its clients, and all of its stakeholders.

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Developer / Programmer, Developer Fullstack

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