GOF Artificial Intelligence Engineering Executive Manager (F/M)




The IT Manager is accountable of the results of his/her department related to his/her Business area as well as the development and empowerment of his / her team members.


He / she steers and coordinates his/her business area: activities, resources, QOS, costs, delay to achieve the assigned goals.
Develop objectives and strategies for the delivery of IT (both hardware and software) within the company.
He / She ensures the development of his/her team from both operational and career standpoints
Insure that IT policies and procedures utilize best practices and are documented efficiently. 
Control budget and report on expenditures for technology.
Manage our information technology operations and anticipate where we need to be; not focused solely on solving today’s challenges.


Develop positive working relationships with all stakeholders in the assigned business area

Ensure that the BAU activities are delivered with high QOS and client satisfaction

Guarantee projects are delivered as per business expectations (On time, On Budget, On Specs, On Quality)  

Promote and communicate on any new initiatives 

Develop the workforce of his/her area (jobs and skills evolution, employability, etc.). 


1.Impacts on teams, businesses or AXA GO 
Group Emerging Technologies and Data focus on three distinctive capabilities which have the potential to shape and disrupt the future of the insurance business: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, DATA and PLATFORMS.
Collaborate with entities to leverage related Technologies and data partnership and deliver a substantial business impact in the short term and medium term
Develop best practices, frameworks, toolboxes, standards and blueprints  in collaboration and alignment with Group CIO/CTO

2.Stakeholder management
- We accelerate AXA’s transformation in data & technology innovation through a strong collaboration with and in OpCos and Group functions. We enable and are sparring partner for Group Innovation in shaping new business models based on emerging technologies.
- Ability to drive product vision and progress reviews with senior executive stakeholders.
- Ability to establish relationships with stakeholders quickly in order to co-develop use cases with entities and/or external companies
- Organize a committee of insurance experts and C-Level advisors challenging the work in progress. 
- Ability to communicate and explain emerging technologies and business value to the management comities and board of directors

3.Management or leadership activities
- Keep teams focused on the right priorities to meet aggressive deadlines; clearly communicate project progress to leads and executive team. Direct supervision of staff: Performance management, career development, education, and training.
- Supervise the Internal and External Marcom efforts to drive awareness and adoption of our solutions. 
- Drive the incorporation our solution within the other AXA IT solutions by identifying and conducting partnership with their product teams.
- Work in an international context, teams from 5 labs around the world (San Francisco, Lausanne, Singapore, Barcelona, Shenzhen)

4.Functional knowledges
- 10+ years’ experience as a Product Manager, Project Manager, leading cross functional product, design or engineering teams, bringing a product from concept to completion. 
- People person with proved experiences in recruiting, building and managing successful teams. 
- Ability to attract, select, motivate and inspire data talents
- Self-motivated and proactive, with demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities.
- Self-sufficient in analyzing and drawing conclusions about quality and product opportunity from raw and refined product data.
- Great communication and presentation skills, written and verbal, to all levels of an organization.
- Strong leadership with a proven ability to communicate to senior executives while leading projects
- Strong results-orientatio, customer centricity
- True team player who can break the silos with tact and diplomacy
- Autonomy, curiosity and innovation capability, appetite for continuous learning and improvement
- Not afraid of unclear, ambiguous situations with a need to invent success path
- Comfortable working in a multidisciplinary team, strongly business oriented

5.Technical proficiency
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
- Strong understanding of data & emerging technologies challenges and IT/technological principles
- Good understanding of state-of-the-art machine learning, data, big data technologies, Iot, Geospatial, natural language processing science concepts
- Good insurance business and customer knowledge to identify use cases and in order to explain technical data-related issued to insurance managers across all hierarchies with business mindset
- Professional experience in project management and in change management in a deep business transformation context
- Set up and manage our AI development and production infrastructure.
- Help AI product managers and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI when planning new products.
- Build data ingest and data transformation infrastructure.
- Identify transfer learning opportunities and new training datasets.
- Build AI models from scratch and help product managers and stakeholders understand results.
- Deploy AI models into production.
- Create APIs and help business customers put results of your AI models into operations.
- Background in programing language, cloud, Scrum, testing methodology
- Keep current of latest AI research relevant to our business domain.
- Fluency in English is mandatory



Managers present your team in an impactful, inpiring and short description.

Group Emerging Technologies & Data drives AXA towards a tech - led company by leveraging data, digital and emerging technologies at scale which have the potential to disrupt the current insurance business model and provide opportunities to shape future businesses.


Our ambition is to be a major catalyst for AXA’s transformation into a tech-led company.
Officially launched in January 2019, AXA Group Operations’ goal is to 
support AXA entities around the world in empowering people to live better lives.  

As AXA’s ‘engine’, Group Operations is responsible for making the business run on a day-to-day basis, as well as delivering solutions vital to its future. Bringing together seven teams with a wide range of expertise (IT, Data and Emerging Technologies, Security, Finance, Strategic Programs, Procurement and Sourcing, as well as AXA Business Services), we are the ones providing advice, steering technological choices and giving AXA access to innovations that will support its transformation into a customer-centric tech-led company. For this, we work in close partnership with AXA entities. 

Ours is an inspiring, global workplace with over 8,000 colleagues in 17 different countries spanning Europe, Asia as well as the US. 
OUR USP : Innovation, Global, Dynamic 
France : Java and Enjoy campus in the Batignolles, Paris

Europe : Spain; Switzerland; Germany; United Kingdom; Belgium, Poland

Worldwide : United States; Mexico; Philippines; Malaysia; Japan; India; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Singapore; Morocco 

Managerial  Level
Empowering team members Master
Networking leadership Expert
Promoting innovation Expert
Transforming & execution leadership Master
Vision & strategic thinking Expert
Technical  Level
Customer Needs Analysis Expert
Digital agility and tools Expert
IT Market watch Expert
Partnership management Master
Product lifecycle management Expert
IT Products & Services environments Expert
Transversal  Level
Customer centricity Expert
Influence & conciliation Master
Decision & execution Expert
Innovative thinking Expert
Business lines  Intermediate
Collaborative working Master
Other Skills  Level
Leadership Development Master
Negotiation Master
Value proposition Expert
Problem solving Expert
Change & transformation Expert
English Expert